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Email Horror Stories: Why email is the silent killer this Halloween

Chris Smith 15 Oct, 2021
Suppose you head out trick or treating or go to a party this Halloween. In that case, you’ll likely encounter people dressed up as classic killers...
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How to integrate email into document management

Chris Smith 15 Mar, 2021
Email is commonly recognised as one of the most important, most widely used business and communication tools. Despite ongoing rumours of its death,...
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Need for Privacy: Controlling Access to Information

Chris Smith 25 Feb, 2021
Remote working has seen a massive spike over the last 12 months with people all over the world suddenly working from home. However, the trend has...
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New year, new inbox: Getting control of your email in 2021

Chris Smith 19 Jan, 2021
Are you one of the hundreds of people we speak to every day who came back post-Christmas to an overflowing, unmanageable inbox? It's hard to know...
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How email management helps financial firms work remotely

Chris Smith 05 Jan, 2021
The enforced remote working requirement of the ongoing pandemic has further heightened the risk of poor document management faced by many financial...
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Time is money and you’re throwing it away

Chris Smith 15 Dec, 2020
More than 250 years ago, Benjamin Franklin proclaimed “remember that time is money” in an essay entitled Advice to a Young Tradesman. The United...
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How to reduce the cost of poor email management

Chris Smith 04 Dec, 2020
People complaining about email is about as common as gripes with the weather and bad customer service. In short, it’s an ongoing issue that consumes...
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How email and document management helps financial firms take control of their data

Chris Smith 26 Nov, 2020
The increasing volume of data that financial firms hold is making it difficult for them to control information and ensure sensitive correspondence is...
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The ROI of better email management

Chris Smith 23 Nov, 2020
Managing email effectively is crucial to ensuring documents are located in the correct place that’s easy for anyone with the right access levels to...
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How to modernise your document management

Chris Smith 17 Nov, 2020
Email overload, information visibility and data loss are major problems afflicting businesses of all sizes all over the world. And all of these...
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What’s in your inbox?

Chris Smith 03 Nov, 2020
Managing an out of control email inbox is a task that nobody wants to do but, at some point in time, has set aside a few hours from their schedule to...
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Tools, tips and tricks for taming your email inbox

Chris Smith 20 Oct, 2020
There are few work tasks quite as self-satisfying as clearing out all the junk and years-old correspondences to achieve the holy grail of an empty...
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Integrating email and Microsoft Teams in the new way of working

Chris Smith 22 Jun, 2020
Businesses are increasingly adapting to new ways of working as they manage remote workforces comprised of many people working from home for the first...
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3 reasons to take email management seriously

Chris Smith 15 Jul, 2019
Despite the emergence of new communications tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, email remains critical in the modern organisation. Not only is it...
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