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How email management helps financial firms work remotely

5 January, 2021

The enforced remote working requirement of the ongoing pandemic has further heightened the risk of poor document management faced by many financial organisations. Many are still struggling to secure remote workers, which leaves corporate data and users’ remote logins vulnerable to attack by cybercriminals.

With entire workforces consigned to working from home for the considerable future, it’s vital that financial firms enable simple, secure document sharing in a way that makes information accessible and highly visible. They also need to enhance collaboration levels to make it easy for disparate teams to stay connected and continue working effectively. 

Why financial firms need better document management

It could be easy for employees to stop storing their files in secure locations when working at home or on a personal device. This only increases the importance of financial firms providing software that makes it simple to store all documents and emails to the correct location.

Rather than filing emails to a folder within their inbox or a local folder on their computer, employees need to store them in centralised folders that make all project information accessible to everyone working on a project. Working from shared project folders ensures that businesses can provide easy access to project information as and when users and project managers need it. 

Why financial firms need better information visibility

Remote teams need technology that help make information accessible and highly visible. They need to know where documents are stored, to collaborate on documents without duplications being made, and be able to access documents when they need them, even if other team members are off sick, go on holiday, or leave the organisation.

Remote working also requires a smarter way of working that doesn’t leave employees searching through long email chains or digging through archives for the documents they need. The old ways of getting visibility used to be going over and asking a colleague. Now, we need technology to replace that void.

Why financial services need better productivity

Working from home comes with plenty of benefits, but it also presents a range of new challenges, from the difficulties of not having face-to-face interaction with colleagues to distractions like pets, housemates, and the latest Netflix show. Indeed, a recent GitLab study found that nearly half of the 3,000 people surveyed struggled to manage distractions when they worked from home.

This makes it vital for financial firms to help their employees be as productive as possible when separated from their colleagues. This includes helping them to prioritise their time and make the best use of their time throughout the day. 

Take control of remote working with Mail Manager

Mail Manager is an Outlook add-in that empowers financial firms to take control of document and email management. It enables organisations to standardise email filing when teams are working from home or outside the office using smart artificial intelligence.

This ensures that employees automatically file emails into the most appropriate folder and location on the business server, rather than storing information in their individual inbox or their computer desktop. This prevents information from being locked away in employees’ inboxes and enables anyone on a team to access any information about the projects they’re working on at any time. 

Mail Manager also includes a powerful search function that discovers and documents instantaneously. This means no more searching through email chains for a single document or message, as well as removing the risk of document duplication or using outdated versions of a document. The solution enables organisations to keep track of email correspondence even when all their teams are working remotely.

As a result, employees are free to be far more productive without having to worry about wasting time on manual email filing. The software also guarantees that important information is stored securely and is quickly accessible at all times, while removing storage limits and the risk of vital project information being lost or deleted.

By deploying Mail Manager, financial firms can be more productive, improve document and email management, reduce the time and complexity of filing and searching for information, and be assured important data is safe and easily discoverable.

Embrace the new way of working

With financial firms looking likely to remain remote for the time being, it’s important to adapt to the new way of working. This includes maintaining business continuity while making processes as secure and straightforward as possible for employees. 

Financial firms need to make sure that employees can easily access the data, information, and services they need to work effectively and collaborate with their colleagues. They can do this by taking control of document and email management, which will also provide business leaders with a better understanding of what’s happening across the organisation and more visibility into project activity. 



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