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11 July, 2023

Mitigating risks with effective information management

As the world rapidly evolves, businesses in highly regulated industries face many challenges when managing information. Stricter regulations, increased privacy concerns, and the ever-looming threat of data breaches

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13 April, 2023

Information management is a shield and sword in construction disputes

Information management is becoming increasingly important in the construction industry, especially during times of uncertainty and economic downturns, new building regulations, and an ever evolving threat landscape. This was the focus of the recent...

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28 February, 2023

How future-ready is your business?

As we move towards an increasingly digital age, businesses of all sizes and industries must adapt to stay ahead. And, if you work in regulated industries such as accounting, finance, architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), and life sciences,...

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23 February, 2023

Concerned with privacy? It's time to bolster your tech stack

All businesses use technology to improve collaboration and communication, but the risk and privacy concerns faced by businesses and individuals alike are rapidly growing.

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22 February, 2023

The real impact of information mismanagement

Information is your most valuable asset. However, improper, and insecure management of it can have profound consequences and pose significant risks to your team, organisations, clients, and stakeholders.

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14 November, 2022

With better email management, you can eliminate project delays

Did you know that in 2022, over 333.2 billion emails will be sent and received every day?

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3 August, 2022

Email communication within the supply chain

Customers today expect to be able to communicate with businesses at times convenient for them and often expect an instant reply. Excellent customer service is expected as standard, and their business will promptly be taken elsewhere if that isn't...

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14 July, 2022

The Data Divide: Is your data taking you out of the game?

Is your data taking you out of the game? Data is a company’s most valuable asset and, if used wisely, can supercharge business growth. The opportunities made possible by advances in digital technology offer business owners tremendous untapped potential...

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8 June, 2022

Is your business safe from the data tsunami?

Hidden data. You may not know about it, but you soon will. Out of sight is certainly not out of mind. Every day businesses amass more and more data, the majority of which they can’t see or manage. Hidden data is the silent storm brewing that will...

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25 May, 2022

The sins of siloed information: A ticking time bomb

The data silo. The nemesis of effective data management. A place where information goes off to live in isolation, unlikely to be seen or acknowledged again. What started with the intention to help organise certain types of data into similar groups has...

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19 April, 2022

How are you protecting your small business against these 5 major risks?

Small businesses are unique in many ways. As a small business owner or leader, you wear many hats. You're likely always juggling between day-to-day operations, strategy, HR, accounting and everything in between. You don't have the extensive resources or...

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23 March, 2022

Why WhatsApp isn't suitable for sensitive or formal correspondence

Following the news that Boris Johnson receives summaries of sensitive government material via WhatsApp, the importance of using the right channel for the different types of communication has been highlighted.

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21 March, 2022

The email management problem (and how to solve it)

Managing emails in highly regulated environments as well, such as life science, healthcare, local government and construction is essential. But unfortunately in many businesses, there is no email management tool or process in place, meaning it's...

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17 February, 2022

The dark side of email management

Do you enjoy opening your work inbox? If your response is 'yes', you are well and truly in the minority of professionals. For most people, waking up to an uncontrollable inbox and not having access to the important project information they need is a huge...

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16 December, 2021

Are you a Naughty or Nice Filer this December?

December is a time of reflection for many on the year that was. From a work perspective, the questions you may ask yourself are, understandably, endless. Have the projects and clients you've been working on gone smoothly this year? What can you and your...

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21 October, 2021

Customer filers: What type of super-filer are you?

Something we hear all the time from our customers is that some staff members don’t want to change the way they manage their inboxes. Everyone has a different way of working. Some people use their Outlook as a to-do list and only keep active ‘tasks’ in...

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18 October, 2021

How does email management work if you don’t have an IT Manager?

Poorly managed email is just as dangerous to small businesses as it is to large organisations. However, while large firms employ teams of administrators to take control of document and email management, small companies typically don’t have and can’t...

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12 October, 2021

Rework and the cost of ineffective project communication

How often have you faced costly, contentious project reworks because of siloed or ineffective communication? You’re not alone… According to Geneca, 80% of project professionals spend at least half their time on rework, whilst poor communication costs...

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16 July, 2021

The real cost of losing an email

Email is still the most used communication tool in many businesses, but it’s also the riskiest. Over 319 billion emails are sent and received globally every day, and everyone manages their inbox differently. This causes headaches for anyone in a business...

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15 June, 2021

Being risk ready and winning disputes in a post-pandemic world

Given the unknown of the world at the moment and the pandemic being a poignant topic, Mail Manager put together a panel discussion to discuss how the AEC will approach the post-pandemic climate. We were joined by Ellie Greatholder, Head of Commercial and...

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6 April, 2021

Removing risk for project-based businesses: What role does email play?

Communication breakdown has been a silent killer for some of the world’s biggest companies in recent years. Swedish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia was all-powerful for over a decade but a report discovered that poor communication led to the unclear...

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18 February, 2021

Avoiding project nightmares: What’s left in your inbox?

Ask yourself this: How do you (and your business) manage commercially sensitive information spread across inboxes? For most of the people we speak to, they either don’t, or only manage some of the information within. Neither is suitable or risk-adverse...

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4 December, 2020

How to reduce the cost of poor email management

People complaining about email is about as common as gripes with the weather and bad customer service. In short, it’s an ongoing issue that consumes vast amounts of peoples’ work and social time every day of the week. But while it may seem a trivial...

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17 August, 2020

How to be risk ready and win disputes

Legal disputes are a particularly hot topic for the construction industry in the current climate, which makes it more important than ever to be as prepared as possible. To explore how firms do that, we held a webinar discussing what causes disputes and...

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9 July, 2020

The power of documents in a project dispute

Projects can easily be affected or delayed by amendments and scope changes at the best of times. But in these uncertain times surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, the chances of delays, contract re-writes, difficult conversations and, ultimately, contract...

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30 January, 2020

Infographic: The role of email in preventing disputes

If you haven’t heard yet, we are hosting a webinar on the 19th of February to help you and your company prevent and win disputes, with valuables tips from our experts. In the meantime, we've gathered some interesting stats and facts about emails and...

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15 July, 2019

3 reasons to take email management seriously

Despite the emergence of new communications tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, email remains critical in the modern organisation. Not only is it still a key channel for communication, but it contains sensitive information such as contracts, financial...

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