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Customer filers: What type of super-filer are you?

21 October, 2021

Something we hear all the time from our customers is that some staff members don’t want to change the way they manage their inboxes. Everyone has a different way of working. Some people use their Outlook as a to-do list and only keep active ‘tasks’ in their inbox, whilst others want to keep everything project-related in their inbox until the work is complete. 

The good news is that Mail Manager is suited to all types of filers, helping you work the way you like to work, without disruption. By not filing any emails, your company correspondence is like the Wild West… it’s chaos. But by learning about your filing habits and making small changes, we can bring order back to project and client information management.  

At Mail Manager, we like to call our filers information management superheroes. Every email filed is another email the business doesn’t have to worry about, creating visibility, accessibility, reduced risk, collaboration, and evidence. So, what type of super-filer are you? And how can you benefit from Mail Manager? 

Customer types of filers-01

The Quick-Actioner

You are the leader of the pack. When an email comes into your inbox, you like to action it right away, and love striving to achieve inbox zero. Mail Manager’s prompt and predict feature will help you save the day! Whenever you send or receive an email, Mail Manager’s AI-technology will suggest the appropriate location for each email, taking the hassle away from filing. If an email isn’t something you need to reply to, have no fear! You can also file an email away without opening or replying to it.   


The End-of-Day FilerCustomer types of filers-02

Your focus during the workday is on just that, your work. You don’t want to spend your time filing each email as it comes in when you could be working towards a project or client objective with your team. So, you bulk file your emails at the end of the day, or even the end of the week. Mail Manager makes this bulk filing process much easier with our machine-learning technology. You can file your emails in bulk, without being concerned that you’ll be filing your emails into the wrong project or client folders. But, we’d recommend you consider taking advantage of our prompt and predict features, and move emails out of your inbox before they start taking over. 

Customer types of filers-03The Drag & Dropper

You enjoy working in your own way, and don’t want your work to be disrupted with a pop-out filing box. You’d much rather drag and drop your emails into folders in your own time. In our newest update, Mail Manager v11.1, we’ve introduced our latest feature, Filed Folders. Here, you can still drag and drop what you’re putting into the folders on your servers, keeping your personalised way of working, all the while giving your business confidence that your emails are ending up in the right place. 


Thank you for being a Mail Manager super-filer! If you have any questions about Mail Manager, and how you can make the software work best for you, we recommend checking out our User Guide, reaching out to your internal Mail Manager coach, or getting in touch with your dedicated Account Manager who would be happy to assist. Don't forget, you can get in touch with your Account Manager, or fill in this form for additional licenses at any time.



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