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The new Mail Manager v11.1

11 October, 2021

We're really excited to announce the release of Mail Manager Version 11.1! In this version, you can expect to see a replacement of Drop Folders in the User Preferences called ‘Filed Folders’ to help our clients work smarter, and manage your emails the way you want them to be managed.  

What does the new update mean for you?

Our new filed folders feature is the real stand out for this release! When the functionality is enabled, when you're filing emails, Mail Manager will dynamically create sub-folders in your Outlook inbox (a filed folder), naming it with the description of the filing location. After filing the email into your chosen location, the original email will be moved into the filed folder, and receive a 'Filed by Mail Manager' category, as usual, making it even easier to locate emails however you'd like to search. 

Why should you opt for 'Filed Folders'?

Our team have already seen huge benefits from enabling filed folders internally, but if you need some convincing, here are some benefits you'll see from enabling 'Filed Folders':

  • Filed emails are now organised into separate folders (unlike the busy ‘Filed Items’ folder). 
  • After filing, emails remain in the Filed Folders, making them readily available from Outlook, as well as the Mail Manager search. 
  • Each time an email is filed, it checks if that Filed Folder already exists, and if it doesn’t, it automatically creates one, saving you the hassle if you do this manually. 
  • You'll be able to drag and drop emails into Filed Folders to file them to the associated location. 
  • You can associate current sub-folders with filing locations by right-clicking that sub-folder and selecting ‘Assign as a Mail Manager Filed Folder’. 
  • You also have efficient right-click access to search the filing location by selecting the filed folder you wish to search within, and selecting ‘Search ALL filed messages’. This navigates you to the Mail Manager Search window and pre-populates the location filter with the selected location. 


Update 05 November 2021:

With our latest update to Mail Manager Version 11.1, we have released the management of After Filing options to your Filed Folders, meaning you can:

  1. Delete filed messages older than X days [users have control over the number of days]
  2. Delete empty Filed Folders [Tick box option]

See more about the Version 11 Update here: Version 11.1 Update

Are you a previous Drop Folder User? 

Upon installing v11.1, Filed Folders will replace Drop Folders and your existing drop folders will be converted to Filed Folders automatically. You can still drag and drop your emails to the sub-folder and any new emails filed to those Filed Folders will remain visible in the folder. You will know that the email has been filed when it receives the ‘Filed by Mail Manager’ category. 

How to update

For our existing customers, the update won't cause any disruption. You'll notice a pop up within Outlook from Mail Manager regarding the update, and you can install it while using the app. We do recommend that you restart Outlook once the update has downloaded, but you can wait until a convenient time for you if you'd prefer. 

For more information on how to set up 'Filed Folders', please see our user manual here.


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