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One Outlook and Mail Manager (Microsoft's latest version of Outlook)

14 April, 2023

Microsoft has recently announced their latest, web-based, version of Outlook, previously referred to the company as 'One Outlook'. Here's what you need to know...

What is the new Outlook?

The new web-based version of Outlook is Microsoft’s initiative to release a new email offering, based on the current Outlook Web Access, which will run on all platforms (including PCs, Macs, browsers, phone and tablets). There are a few new features including the ability to configure the email client to look like a more traditional Outlook.

The date of release of this new offering has not been shared yet, but Microsoft say that it will be released into production this year, and it is a current active project.

It's important to note that Microsoft have no plans to stop supporting the current desktop version of Outlook, and so, existing extensibility capabilities will remain indefinitely. Microsoft do not have any plans to limit or retire these, so they will continue to work as normal. The current version of Mail Manager that offers the full set of features depends upon this desktop version. Thousands of companies use software that depends upon the desktop version of Outlook.

Does this impact your access to Mail Manager?

Mail Manager already has a version of its software that is supported by Outlook Web Access and this is supported in the new Outlook platform too.

This “web add-in” does not contain all the features of the desktop Mail Manager add-in because of limitations in Microsoft’s code. They are working on removing these limitations and similarly, we are working to keep up with this effort.

An updated version of the Mail Manager web add in will be issued in our June release and updates will be provided in each release thereafter to keep up with Microsoft’s Outlook progress. For example, currently Microsoft do not allow prompting to file when sending an email nor do they allow selection of more than one email for filing but these features are imminent. All features currently in Mail Manager are ultimately expected to be replicated in the web add-in.

To summarise, there's no need to worry!

The new Outlook is coming and ultimately will be a replacement for the desktop product, and Mail Manager is up to date with this plan. There is no announced date to retire the desktop version of Outlook but if/when this happens, Mail Manager will already have a fully featured new web add-in available. We believe we are years away from the compulsion to switch but the option to switch will be earlier.

"Mail Manager has had a few names over the years, but throughout our 20+ years, we've consistently stayed up to date with Microsoft's updates, and you can be assured that the new version of Outlook is no different." - Tim Setchfield, Head of Collaboration Product, Ideagen

To learn more about Mail Manager, book a personalised demo here.


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