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Mail Manager now integrates with Ideagen Huddle

28 February, 2023

We are delighted to announce the Mail Manager integration with Ideagen Huddle, the leading document collaboration platform.

We are continually looking to enable organisations to integrate email as one of the key cornerstones of their information management strategy.  

Ideagen Huddle’s cloud-based document collaboration platform enables a bespoke experience for firms to use with internal and external stakeholders. It provides a safe and unique environment to review work, securely share information and collaborate efficiently. Not only that, but Huddle’s File Request feature enables all participants, from your team to clients and stakeholders, to have a transparent view of the file collection process so nothing is missed.  

Huddle gives firms the security, easy collaboration and efficiency that clients expect from their professional relationships. And with the latest integration with Mail Manager, organisations can achieve a more holistic view of their valuable project and client information. 

With Mail Manager and Huddle, you can get a world-class email management solution combined with a leading document management and collaboration platform. Mail Manager users will be able to store emails in Huddle workspaces, facilitating the use of Huddle for collaboration. Plus, users will improve the level of email capture and be able to use a search dedicated to finding messaging content. 

Our integration is about unifying your business information to ensure all essential documents and correspondence are in the right place. This means:

  • Having full confidence that all of the relevant emails are filed against the correct project or client workspace

  • Commercial sensitive information isn’t left in individual inboxes, and accessible by relevant parties  

  • Staff aren’t wasting time searching or forwarding information they should already have access to  


If you’re using Huddle, you’ll now be able to: 

  • Add workspaces from Huddle into Mail Manager 

  • File emails into Huddle using Mail Manager’s machine learning Prompt & Predict  

  • Search emails in Huddle through Mail Manager, meaning you can find 1 email in 3 clicks  

  • Have your emails stored in Huddle, meaning you’re also able to search there 

  • Have the ability to search for emails across projects, teams, and clients


To learn more about why we have integrated with Huddle and the benefits of implementing Mail Manager, download our integration guide below.  

Download Integration Guide

How Mail Manager addresses the email problem  

Mail Manager is an easy-install Outlook add-in designed to help project and client-based businesses take control of their email.

The tool can be set up and running within 24 hours, helping connect remote teams and ensuring business continuity by improving project and information visibility across the business.

Mail Manager allows staff to file, archive and retrieve project and client information from a centralised location at the click of a button, so all stakeholders can see what is going on, there is a strong audit trail, increased collaboration, and your email management is standardised across the business.

We work with organisations where email management affects their ability to manage claims, project disputes and the productivity of their staff. Often, businesses we work with have been left frustrated with the amount of time their staff have wasted searching for information held in emails, and recognise how vital retrieving project and client information is.

Book a demo today to see the Huddle and Mail Manager integration in action!


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