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Why Mail Manager has been voted one of the top 30 office products in 2023!

15 February, 2023

Since email is regularly used to send and receive customer records, it is paramount that businesses include email as part of their data retention and information management policies. Failure to do so will likely mean firms aren’t meeting their legal obligations. There is a reason that Mail Manager has been voted so highly in G2's 2023 Best Software Awards!


Why do businesses need an email management solution?

Due to the nature of email, business-critical information can often be suppressed by becoming lost or stuck in an employee’s inbox. This means that your critical data may not be filed as intended or sensitive information isn’t handled compliantly.

Most businesses must retain client and project data for a specific period. That makes it even more important to know where all information resides, understand who has access to it, and ensure it is stored in accordance with your legal obligations. By adopting an efficient email management system into your business, all email correspondence and attachments can be safely and securely filed to a chosen location and able to be located within minutes.

How can Mail Manager protect businesses in the future?

The problem is that most businesses are not proactive about the risks that could occur from not taking control of their email data, and by not planning, evaluating, and preparing for these risks, when they do arise, then it is likely too late to carry out any meaningful damage limitation.

Mail Manager has been designed to meet the email, and document management issues businesses face. The solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the filing of emails, documents, and attachments into the most appropriate folder or file location. In addition, using an email management solution like Mail Manager enhances team collaboration and transparency across the business. If any issues arise over a project, all information and evidence relating to it will be immediately available to be reviewed and actioned, helping avoid any disputes arising. Any queries can be resolved instantly with clear evidence of what has previously occurred, and if any files need to be accessed and transferred, this process now takes minutes rather than days.

What are the risks of not managing business emails and data?

By not taking a proactive approach to email management, businesses leave themselves vulnerable and open to significant risk from costly litigations. When a company is hit with a court case, standard business operations are thrown into disarray, and all resources and manpower are redirected to search for all relevant correspondence that can be found. This means that the business’s productivity, output and profits suffer from a process that can go on for months with no guarantee of ever successfully reproducing all documentation required.

There has been a steady increase in organisations and high-profile individuals that have been taken to court and subsequently fined for not being able to produce specific customer information, including:


  • Microsoft was ordered to pay $25 million in damages when certain email evidence was not damages when certain email evidence was not produced during discovery.


  • In Williams v. Sprint, the court ruled electronic documents had to be produced in native format, meaning metadata had to be intact, including the file owner, date of creation, senders, recipients, routing data and subject lines.


  • In Best Buy v. Developers Diversified Realty, the judge ordered that all emails and electronic information must be and electronic information must be produced within 28-days, despite the parties arguing that they could not reasonably access this as it could cost six figures to recover the information from their backup systems.


  • In the infamous Grenfell disaster, emails were uncovered in the public inquiry, revealing that certain parties were aware of the dangers associated with the building’s cladding that resulted in the tower collapsing.

Five ways Mail Manager can help

  • Make sure sensitive emails are stored in a way that matches your protocols for other documents

  • Restrict access for those who can view and read emails

  • Ensure uniformity over the process

  • Deliver an overnight, cost-effective replacement for your existing system

  • Find all correspondence associated with a person or project


Discover how Mail Manager can help your business remain effortlessly compliant with a free trial of the solution.


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