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What can small businesses do to ensure compliance within ever-increasing regulations?

1 February, 2023

Facing sanctions for failing to ensure your business is compliant can spell disaster for SMEs. This usually results from being unaware of responsibilities and not having the necessary tools to ensure correct procedures are being maintained. Being a small business owner means you are likely responsible for multiple functions within the business. With so many pressing tasks, it’s easy to focus on things that demand immediate attention and let other seemingly less critical issues fall by the wayside.

However, compliance is an area that should be prioritised, and leaving it as an afterthought may be too expensive for your business to survive. Compliance is a mandatory requirement, and SMEs shouldn’t be under the impression that this is only a consideration for larger firms. 

Mail Manager looks at four ways you can increase compliance within your business:

1. Prioritise traceability and compliance

All business owners are responsible for ensuring that they have implemented a compliance process and that all staff follow it. Serious violations such as fraud, bribery, money laundering or any other illegal activity can result in the imprisonment of critical people leading the business. By taking a proactive rather than reactive approach to compliance, you will improve your reputation and trust with stakeholders and identify potential issues early enough to address them and prevent unnecessary fines or repercussions.

2. Schedule regular risk assessments 

Taking an active approach to compliance management will have your business in the best shape to identify any potential risks to the company and make changes to mitigate these. It is essential to make sure that, as a business, you are aware of relevant laws, regulations and any regulatory developments and how they affect your business functions. Monitoring these developments will allow you to make changes early on and be sure that you are fulfilling your legal obligations. Ensure you identify the company's weaknesses and most significant risks and create actions to minimise these.

3. Provide regular employee training

Be sure to keep all staff updated about regulatory frameworks within the industry and any fundamental changes that will affect their day to day work. Let employees know their responsibilities regarding compliance, along with the processes and repercussions for failing to comply. There should be clear disciplinary guidelines and procedures that are regularly referenced and enforced when necessary. Everyone within the company must understand the importance of being compliant, the aims of the procedures, and the repercussions on the business and staff if they are found to be non-compliant.

4. Automate processes, monitor and review

Make the processes for ensuring compliance effortless and easy to adhere to. By automatically keeping a written record of procedures and filing them, you create and evidence an audit trail. If a violation were to occur, the business could demonstrate that they have consistently been taking active measures to maintain compliance, which will help.

How Mail Manager can help

Mail Manager has been helping businesses to track and manage their email communications and ensure that important business-critical processes are being followed. The intelligent prompt and predict tool learns behaviours, so it can help remove decision-making and manual processes and make it easier for staff to follow correct procedures.

To see how Mail Manager can help improve your compliance processes, download your free trial here.



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