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The secret to increasing productivity despite staff cutbacks & skills shortages

25 January, 2023

In a climate of uncertainty, businesses are forced to make uncomfortable decisions due to a skills shortage and forced cutbacks. Unfortunately, this means they are putting increasing pressure and expectations on existing staff. In response, 78% of businesses now see this negatively impacting staff productivity, business profits, and long-term growth plans. With the limited human resource already stretched to capacity, firms must turn down much-needed work and find themselves in a downward spiral.

Some businesses have responded by investing more in staff training. However, most businesses are still struggling to find a solution to help them address this, with the outcome looking bleak for many the longer that it continues.

The good news is that there is another way! And not only another way, but a better way!


What if we told you we had found the perfect assistant who is;

        - A cheaper hire than her competition

        - Helps existing staff members to boost their productivity dramatically

        - Works so fast that she saves an additional day per week for every staff member                 she  helps

        - Never suffers from human error

        - Learns how you like things done and does it faster

        - Has glowing recommendations from 98% of businesses she has helped

Introducing Emailia: The virtual inbox assistant! Emailia is more than an extra pair of hands, she is the most efficient assistant you have ever had. She works 24/7 and never needs a day off. Emailia is the one addition to your team that will never let you down. But don’t take our word for it.


Download Emailia’s CV here and see how she has helped countless other businesses to improve their productivity and boost their profits.



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