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Mail Manager: What's all the fuss about?

5 October, 2022

Thomas works as a Contracts Director in an Engineering company. For some time now, he's been desperately trying to get the team to file emails into the company's dedicated filing system so they're easily accessible when needed. But he's not had it easy! Now, his company has encountered a dispute on a project. To make matters worse, the project manager has recently left the company, resulting in a loss of audit trail.

Certainly, at this point, Thomas has had enough! He decides that the company must implement a reliable solution to prevent further risks.

We understand his frustrations, as it’s a common pain with many others in Thomas’s position.

So, what’s next?

Through recommendation and thorough research, Thomas sought to see why Mail Manager was the go-to solution for email management (I mean, we get what all the fuss is about).

Let’s get straight to the 'point' with SharePoint

We help you to transform your project management by embracing SharePoint. SharePoint makes it easy for your business to centralise information and data across departments, such as documents, contracts, contacts, and correspondence, such as emails. Even though SharePoint can be used for all your document management needs, most people still spend most of their time in Outlook.

The Mail Manager add-in for Outlook makes integrating SharePoint with Mail Manager easy, so you don't have to maintain project information in two places. With all this information in one place, anyone overseeing the project or new to it will have everything they need to succeed.

Mail Manager can also be integrated with Microsoft Teams and One Drive.

We made email management a breeze with Procore

Increasingly, firms are taking information management and documentation seriously, thanks to the Golden Thread of Information. We've enabled businesses to take control and manage their emails with the Mail Manager Outlook add-in. Mail Manager ensures that all project emails are saved in a dedicated project folder with minimal effort.

Using Mail Manager and Procore, you can not only increase productivity, reduce risk, gain control, and track progress, but also:

  • File and search over 1 million critical emails within 2 seconds

  • Save emails to Procore document folders

  • Standardise email filing instantly across the business

We enhanced visibility with Viewpoint for Projects

Integrating Mail Manager with Viewpoint for Projects allows AEC businesses to more efficiently file and search emails. Using a unique AI engine, Mail Manager will prompt staff to file emails and predict where the email should be stored. You can then find any email on any project with the powerful search engine, which will search 1 million emails in less than 2 seconds.

We’re in sync with Synergy

The Mail Manager add-on for Synergy syncs all project-related email correspondence to their respective projects in Synergy, preventing important files from being missed in a full inbox. You can then use Mail Manager's advanced search functionality to quickly find an email associated with a project across all Synergy projects (including within Outlook).

We don’t intend on stopping there either

There are likely thousands of emails clogging up employees' inboxes within businesses, many of which need to be filed.

With the trend toward more and more emails being sent and received daily, there needs to be a solution implemented to avoid cluttered mailboxes. A solution where filed emails are searchable, a solution that is secure and can be implemented across businesses very quickly.

With Mail Manager, businesses can create a bridge between their inboxes and where they want data to be stored.

Thomas found his solution

Thomas knew Mail Manager was the solution he needed. Mail Manager was a viable solution for him as it worked within his company’s existing security infrastructure and could be up and running within 24 hours. He can now efficiently locate any email trails for future disputes that may arise.

Don’t let emails drive you crazy, be a Thomas and find out how integrating Mail Manager can help you take control of your project and client emails. Book a demo with our team today or download a free trial!


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