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The ROI of better email management

23 November, 2020

Managing email effectively is crucial to ensuring documents are located in the correct place that’s easy for anyone with the right access levels to quickly find the information they need. However, there’s no denying that managing email can be a time-consuming task that many employees are too busy for, some will forget to do, and others will just refuse to carry out.

To put the time demands of email in context, the average employee spends five hours every day checking their work email, in addition to two hours per day checking personal inboxes, Adobe’s email usage study discovered in July 2019. Assuming this is during work hours, then the average person working a 9-to-5 job spends five of their seven working hours checking email. 

It’s, therefore, clear that a lack of effective email management is responsible for a massive productivity drain. Here at Mail Manager we recently created a Return on Investment calculation of the time and money that our Outlook add-in solution saves customers. 

We calculated that our technology saves the average employee, who costs their business £15 per hour, a total of three hours per week. On a monthly basis, that equates to £180 saved per user. Therefore, an organization with 100 users would save £18,000 per month, and a large organization with 1,000 employees would save £180,000 every month, just by improving their email management processes.

Remove email management inefficiencies

Businesses need to ensure that documents, including all sent and received email messages and legacy project information, are easily and quickly discoverable by everyone who has appropriate access rights. They also need to save employees the time-intensive task of searching their inboxes for specific messages and attachments and remove the reliance on users filing their own emails.

Deploying software that helps with this will enable businesses to reduce the time that their employees spend on email and help their teams to work more efficiently.

Improving email management

Mail Manager’s Outlook add-in solution enables users to discover any email, document, attachment and project correspondence within seconds. It ensures that people no longer have to carry out time-intensive searches for specific emails or documents, ensures important project information doesn’t get locked away in individual inboxes, and makes information accessible by every member of a team. 

The software uses an AI engine to predict where every email, both sent and received, should be filed and ensures all communication is stored in the most appropriate folder. This removes the risk of staff filing their own emails to the incorrect folder or, worse still, not filing their emails at all.

With Mail Manager, businesses can prevent critical information from being deleted and ensure all employees file information in the same way. This is increasingly important to ensuring businesses adhere to increasingly stringent data regulations and ISO standards.

Breathing life into email management

Even businesses that have woefully inefficient email management processes in place can turn things around with Mail Manager. For example, US-based Heferlin + Kronenberg Architects had been drowning in email mismanagement as a result of employees who’d been with the firm for over 20 years not filing their emails. 

As a result of this, emails were automatically deleted and lost forever unless every set and received message was manually dragged into a specific folder stored on either users’ computers or in their Outlook. Also, when employees left the company their emails left with them, which meant the organisation was unable to recover previously discussed and agreed on project details and client conversations.

The company turned to Mail Manager and, as a result, all of its employees now file emails by default. They can now instantly find project details and documents within seconds, even when employees involved in the contract or conversation are on holiday or have left the organisation. Indeed, Clif McCormick, a Principal at HK Architects, says: “It’s so simple to use. I would say Mail Manager is my favourite feature of using email.” 

As a result of this simple task of plugging in the Mail Manager Outlook add-in tool, HK Architects knows that its employees are foiling email. They also know employees don’t have to waste multiple hours of their day digging through their inboxes to find the information they need.

Boost your email management ROI

Having a tight handle on where emails are, how they are stored, and being able to find the right information when you need to is becoming increasingly important. With people working remotely from various locations it’s crucial that businesses have processes and systems in place to drive efficiency. They also need to stop employees from the costly habit of spending five hours per day on email.

Mail Manager helps organisations to take control of their email management and ensure documents are always filed appropriately. It also makes it quick and simple for users to find the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

“We calculated that by implementing Mail Manager, the weekly savings would be enormous compared to the cost of the software per person per day making it a 'no brainer' decision to implement.” Monica Parrot, Quality Manager, Gensler.

Discover how Mail Manager can boost your email management ROI by downloading our 'Email Management ROI' guide now.



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