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5 ways Ideagen Mail Manager optimizes SharePoint productivity

4 September, 2023

In the modern, fast-paced environments of businesses, effective communication and streamlined document management are essential for success.

SharePoint has long been the leading platform for achieving this, used by most organizations in need of seamless document management and collaboration. As with most software, SharePoint still has its flaws, which can unfortunately impede on company productivity and efficiency. The absence of a streamlined process means that external collaboration and document review are made more difficult, especially when it comes to mail management. The remedy: Ideagen Mail Manager.


When combined with Ideagen Mail Manager Software, SharePoint becomes an even more powerful tool, offering a comprehensive solution that optimizes email and document management, enhances compliance and aids in improving productivity.


Here are 5 ways Ideagen Mail Manger can optimize SharePoint usage.

1. Seamless email and document integration

Joining up Outlook and SharePoint is difficult to achieve when working manually. Ideagen Mail Manager is the glue that holds the two together by seamlessly integrating email correspondence with SharePoint’s document management capabilities. This integration allows emails and related attachments to be stored directly within SharePoint libraries, providing confidence that communication lines are not lost or confused, and information isn’t trapped within individual inboxes.


When prompted, users can quickly and easily file an email into relevant projects, clients or department folders, which allows for quick retrieval and centralized access to important or critical information later down the line.

2. Enhanced collaboration and accessibility

With emails being filed in an organized and accessible structure, team members and clients can access, edit and collaborate on files in real-time, no matter their location or time-zone. This level of accessibility removes geographical barriers and resolves issues when team members are absent, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

3. Advanced search and email retrieval


The combination of Ideagen Mail Manager and SharePoint significantly improves search and retrieval efficiency. Traditional email searches are time-consuming and can take days if projects are ongoing for long periods of time, however, by leveraging Ideagen Mail Manager’s robust search capabilities and metadata tagging, users can quickly locate specific emails and documents from within their existing SharePoint locations. This saves time and money, and inevitably reduces frustration, all of which go hand-in-hand to enhance productivity.

4. Reduced information silos

One of the challenges many businesses face day-to-day is the creation of information silos, where data becomes trapped within individual departments or team member’s accounts. Using Ideagen Mail Manager dismantles these silos by centralizing information storge and access to ensure that information can be retrieved quickly and easily. This eases the process of cross-department collaboration, fostering a more interconnected and informed workforce and consequently happier clients.

5. Enhanced security and data protection

Security is paramount in the digital age, hence why Ideagen Mail Manager fits within your existing IT set up, meaning your project and client correspondence is being saved according to your organization’s existing encryption and privileged access controls. This ensures that confidential data remains confidential, and the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches is kept to a minimum.


Ideagen Mail Manger is designed to make workflows more efficient and user-friendly. The software allows organizations to spend more time on the work they love and less on time consuming admin that inherently becomes stressful. Not only is it beneficial for team members working on a project, but it helps businesses take control over their emails, improving the ability to manage claims, project disputes and the productivity of their staff. When correspondence comes into your business, let Ideagen Mail Manager ensure it finds its way to where it belongs.

Information management is vital to the success of projects

If you’d like to learn more on how Ideagen Mail Manager can help you address your information management concerns, book a demo with our team today or download a free trial!



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