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Why email is an easy win for your business

16 August, 2021

The modern technology landscape of major digital transformation projects and cloud migrations has led to many organisations dismissing email as an essential requirement. All too often, businesses accept that their inboxes will always be a mess and consider the loss of vital information inevitable. 

That is until something goes wrong and they lose data due to poor email management, which can result in legal disputes, failing to comply with regulatory requirements and losing customers. 

 However, it doesn’t need to be this way. An email management solution can help businesses immediately take control of their inboxes and make all their data discoverable. Furthermore, it doesn’t require a six-figure investment; it’s simple to set up and needs no involvement from their IT team. 

How poor email management blights businesses

Failing to control email and not having a process for managing inboxes leaves organisations at risk of losing critical data. Critical issues associated with a lack of email management include: 

Email overload: Losing emails may seem a trivial matter compared to digital transformation and cloud migration projects. However, considering the amount of information shared via email can have business-critical consequences if it’s not managed effectively. For example, a recent Mail Manager survey of architecture, engineering and construction leaders found that 91% of people use email to communicate with clients and 61% prefer it to communication tools like Skype and Slack. Furthermore, email remains crucial to maintaining good record management (87%), data visibility (86%) and quality management (84%).

Lack of visibility: With people receiving more emails, it’s easy to lose track of the messages they’ve sent and received. They also struggle to store emails securely then find the information they need when they need it. This becomes more of a risk when people leave the business, especially if the company doesn’t have tools in place to simplify data discovery. Data can easily be locked in individual inboxes, lost or deleted if the appropriate processes aren’t in place to store and protect it.

Productivity drains: Leaving email to an afterthought may seem inconsequential to many business leaders, but it continues to have a significant drain on their business and their employees. Our research found that one in three employees (32%) spends at least one hour managing their email inboxes every day. Furthermore, 70% of respondents believed their email inbox is one of the most significant productivity drains on the workforce.

Take control of email with Mail Manager

Mail Manager is designed to tackle the email management issues that hinder organisations and their employees. The Outlook plugin learns employees’ filing habits and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to file emails to the correct location automatically. It then stores emails in a centralized folder, which removes the risk of emails being undiscoverable in individual inboxes, reduces inbox storage space and improves team collaboration. 

As a result, anyone that requires access to project information can discover it in a matter of seconds, while providing peace of mind that critical data won’t be lost or deleted.  

Mail Manager provides several key benefits that make email an easy win for businesses:  

Cybersecurity: Emails are automatically saved and securely filed away from organisations’ email servers. This helps them to become better organised and protect sensitive information from hackers.

Data discovery: Our research found that employees are commonly frustrated by not being able to find specific documents in their inboxes (56%). This results in businesses wasting time (60%), being less productive (50%) and losing visibility of project information through the lack of a paper trail (52%). Mail Manager solves these issues through a powerful search function that enables users to find any email across an organisation’s IT environment within two seconds. This is crucial as employees continue to work remotely and rely on data being stored in centralised, easily accessible folders.

Data privacy: Taking control of email and document management enables organizations to better manage who has access to which folders. As a result, businesses retain greater control of their corporate information.

Data regulation: Taking control of email is increasingly important given the regulatory risks of losing critical or sensitive data. Mail Manager helps businesses to avoid the risk of fines and reputation damage by ensuring they meet various regulatory requirements and maintain better audit trails. It ensures that all project correspondence is stored in the most appropriate location and can be easily and securely accessed by everyone that requires access.

Data storage: Automatically filing emails and documents to a centralised folder ensures users’ inboxes aren’t clogged up with messages and sizeable attachments. It’s crucial to prevent critical business information from getting stuck in individual users’ inboxes, which prevents access by any other team members.

Data visibility: Mail Manager automatically files emails into the most appropriate folder, which is accessible to everyone with privilege rights. This removes the reliance on users to file received and sent emails manually and saves them vast amounts of time managing their inbox. As a result, team members always have access to project information, which is vital to meeting client data requests as quickly as possible.

Project leadership: Project leaders can stay on top of client requests, customer communication and project scope changes, regardless of whether they were copied on emails. This mitigates the risk of project information, such as client agreements and contracts, going missing, reduces the risk of legal disputes and helps organisations to understand potential issues before they escalate.

Shadow IT: If employees aren’t happy with an application or aren’t given access to their preferred programs, they will increasingly ignore corporate guidance and use insecure software. Mail Manager prevents employees from stealing data and ensures emails don’t get locked away in inboxes when a person leaves the company.

Bring calm and focus to your email management

Many organisations continue to suffer from and persist with chaotic email management and even a lack of formal processes for storing and securing email data. But an effective solution can bring calm and focus that enables employees to be more productive and removes the risk of missing data.  

 Mail Manager can help you take control of email and make managing your email data an easy win. Find out how by signing up for a free trial. 



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