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Why roll Mail Manager out across the business?

30 June, 2022

At Mail Manager, we help thousands of businesses all over the world with their email management headaches. But, something we've noticed is that often, only project or client teams are using Mail Manager. The reality is though, all business departments and offices can benefit from filing and searching critical correspondence using the Mail Manager software, improving productivity, efficiencies, information visibility and accessibility, and risk mitigation.

So, why should you roll out Mail Manager across the wider business? Read this blog to find out.

The risk of emails being trapped in project team silos

One of the biggest reasons our customers choose to roll out Mail Manager is that they are concerned with information being trapped in project team inboxes. The volumes of business data are forever increasing, so it is important for all relevant departments to have access to the information they need when they need it.

But, the bulk of this information, unfortunately, resides in the inboxes or subfolders in the project teams' individual Outlook. The issues arise when you have business leaders or finance teams trying to find information like invoices, or what was actually agreed with the client. This means that businesses are open to risk, disputes and poor information management standards.

The vast majority of project and client firms' information, from project agreements and scope changes to complaints and contracts, is stored within email systems. If this information is trapped in silos, it doesn't help anyone. So, the logical next step is to ensure that everyone has access to the information they need. 

The benefits of visible and accessible information across departments

There are a huge number of benefits of having all your critical information visible and accessible across the business. Some of these include:

  • Easily discover legacy information and emails sent or received by staff that have moved on from the organisation across all departments, including from projects that have been completed

  • Remove reliance from all staff manual filing their emails. Everyone in the business can stay on top of communication, mitigating risk of information going missing, and saving people time they would ordinarily spend searching for documents and emails they need

  • Standardise email management across the entire business, with one central location for all business-critical information

  • Users can access all the relevant correspondence they need to be able to do their job, regardless of who sent an email, getting rid of the chances of email 'lock-in'

  • Business leaders can have a complete view of what is being said to a client or on a project, and who agreed to requests

Use cases for implementing Mail Manager across the business

If you're like many of our other customers, your project and client teams are already benefiting from complete document and email management. But, it's time to transform your other business processes. Business support functions can benefit from adopting Mail Manager, from HR who typically are exchanging sensitive information via email, all the way to Office Managers, Finance teams, Quality Assurance and more.

We have had a number of customers expand their Mail Manager usage to over their whole business, including Ramboll, Ward & Burke, Woods Bagot, Tetra Tech, WSP, Beard Construction and Formation Architects to name a few.

"There is absolutely no question about how you are filing your emails at Ramboll, Mail Manager is quite simply how we do it here." - Joanne Devonald, Operational Excellence Manager at Ramboll

"After the switch to full production, it was easy and just a matter of increasing our license count and rolling out the software." - David Power, Head of IT at Ward & Burke

"The single biggest benefit is a very fast, searchable means of finding information, in a centralised repository." - Mark Behrmann, Associate at WSP South Africa

Creating consistency in record-keeping

Email is commonly recognised as one of the most important, widely used business and communication tools in a number of businesses. When emails and documents aren't consistently maintained, businesses commonly experience visibility problems, legacy problems, and human error problems.

All of these heavily contribute to email overload and data loss. These issues are largely born out of organisations that are struggling to effectively handle their document management across the business. And as the volume of emails and data increases, so too does the risk of incomplete audit trails, inefficient search functionalities, data duplication and increased storage costs.

People across the organisation need to be able to access project information as and when they require it. So, businesses cannot afford for it to be locked in one email inbox that only the owner of the account can access. Further down the line, that person could be on holiday, be off sick, or could have left the company, which risks the information being lost forever.

To avoid this possibility, businesses need to look to software that brings down the barriers of document management and ensures information isn't locked away in individual inboxes. As our clients know, Mail Manager ensures that people working within any department or organisation can always access the information they need, be it to check an agreed deliverable or to settle a dispute.

To hear more about rolling Mail Manager licenses out to the wider business, you can reach out to your dedicated Account Manager, or check out our Customer page.



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