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Making email management a breeze with automated Filing Assistant 

3 May, 2022

Imagine a world in which you can put your feet up and your email filing will be done for you… Well, with our automated Filing Assistant, now you can. 

Automated filing means no email goes unfiled, giving peace of mind that every important email is exactly where it should be. You can guarantee that even those forgetful filers will not be left behind. 


What is the Mail Manager Filing Assistant? 

Our new Filing Assistant feature allows our customers to automatically file their emails. However, the Filing Assistant isn’t designed to replace manual filing. Rather, it helps to file older or unfiled items. 

As mentioned, automated filing is not a replacement for manual filing i.e. turning off the prompt to file and expecting Mail Manager to file everything to the right folder. The accuracy of filing to the best folder improves as the user manually files.   


Who is the Filing Assistant best suited for? 

  • When a user is behind on filing (because they went on holiday, or received too many emails in a day and missed a few, or even read an email thinking they would go back to it to file and forgot)  

  • If a company wishes to reduce risk knowing that emails can be found later because they will get filed  

  • For those who would like an additional safeguard over and above the filing prompt

filing assistant-02


How does the Filing Assistant work? 

Mail Manager allows users to enable the feature from the User Preferences window located in the ribbon in Outlook. Admin users can also control this for the company using the Admin Preferences window. 

  • To enable the Filing Assistant, navigate to the user preferences  

  • Enable it for the inbox or sent items folder  

  • Determine the age of emails before they are considered for filing (for example, automatically file emails that are older than 10 days old)  

  • Set your suggestion threshold to High, Mid or Low  

  • What does the threshold mean?  

  • The best suggestion threshold is used to determine at what point the filing assistant should consider filing the messages to the calculated locations.  

  • Therefore, the threshold acts as a confidence level for the filing assistant to exclude messages from filing that do not meet the necessary criteria. 

Essentially, Mail Manager calculates which filing location has the highest accuracy threshold and files the message to that location automatically. The automated filing can be enabled for the Inbox and the Sent Items folders and applies only to the user’s primary mailbox.  


The business benefits of automated filing 

With the Filing Assistant, you’re even more equipped to reduce the risk of losing important information. That means you can turn the feature on and immediately ensure your email management processes go from 0-60mph, so you and your staff can get more done in less time, and focus on profitable work rather than time-intensive admin.  

The Filing Assistant allows businesses to take control of their email management with ease – all the intelligence, none of the hassle. 


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