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Mail Manager’s commitment to helping businesses during COVID-19

Mail Manager 28 Apr, 2020

As a quickly expanding SaaS company, like most others, we’ve had to quickly transition from our regular way of working to ensure our teams can work seamlessly remotely and we can continue to deliver a superb service to our customers. All of our teams, including support, are operating 'business as normal', but remotely. And, of course, as a company, we are all deeply concerned with the ongoing economic and humanitarian crisis we all face.

We have been thinking and asking ourselves what we can do as this pandemic spreads across the world and how to be truly helpful in these times. As a tech company, we are fortunate to be able to switch and help you adapt to people work remotely to ensure business continuity. And we are extremely grateful to still be implementing Mail Manager for between 5-10 businesses per week.

Here’s how we are responding.

We have two new offerings starting today. Firstly, we have launched Mail Manager Monthly, meaning you can get our email management solution without the need to sign lengthy contracts or pay large upfront payments. Secondly, we are offering 3 months of Mail Manager free to all businesses signing up for a minimum 12-month contract (you won’t get invoiced for 3 months). 

Being a SaaS solution with key features including information visibility and collaboration, we feel extremely fortunate to be able to offer Mail Manager to help businesses around the world better collaborate, share and access information faster. In these uncertain times, it calls for extraordinary measures, and it's incredibly inspiring to see the business world adapting and doing their bit to help. For us, that is helping any business come through stronger by operating faster and more efficiently over email.  

We are also doing everything we can to support our customers. You are the lifeblood of our organisation and we are incredibly humbled by your continued support. In these uncertain times, it’s important everyone has access to the information they need and can continue to file consistently, which is why we’re now offering a range of regular free training sessions (because we have a lot of exciting developments coming up over the next year). Plus, we are giving customers the chance to double their licences for free for 3 months to adapt to the changing working environment. 

We are also helping you to set up trials for teams in the business who aren’t yet using Mail Manager - contact

So, to summarise...

To our customers

  • Free 1-1 training sessions 
  • Free trial setups for other teams in the business
  • Double licenses for free during this period 

To everyone else

Mail Manager can be set up and running within 24-hours, helping connect remote teams and ensuring business continuity by improving project and information visibility across the business. The Mail Manager add-in allows staff to file, archive and retrieve project information from a centralised location, so all project leads can see what is going on, there is a strong audit trail, MDs can have peace of mind, collaboration is made easier, and email management is standardised across the business.

From everyone at the Mail Manager team, thank you, stay safe and keep doing what you are doing.

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