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Mail Manager partners with Total Synergy

30 September, 2020

In response to our growth in APAC, Mail Manager is now integrated and being deployed to many Total Synergy clients.  

Synergy is a leading business & project management system, used predominantly by Architects & Engineers, acting as a central resource for project data and information. 

Many businesses over the last decade have taken steps to improve how project financial data, drawings, and BIM data is managed. But we’ve also seen a requirement from clients seeking to solve challenges around how emails are managed on projects, and wishing to integrate email with the rest of their project data.  

The key challenges the partnership solves for clients are:  

  • Clients using Mail Manager and looking to improve how project financial data & information is managed but still want to keep Mail Manager  
  • Businesses using Synergy who are concerned at the amount of commercially sensitive information in inboxes which goes unfiled, presenting challenges when it comes to justifying decisions & managing claims  
  • Businesses using Synergy who are frustrated at the amount of time wasted looking for information contained in email

To understand how our integration with Synergy works, see our webinar below or read our one-pager here.

Since the webinar we’ve had a number of businesses implement Mail Manager alongside Synergy, including Ross Gower, SDA Space, and CPR Engineers.  


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