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Mail Manager now integrates with Procore

11 March, 2021

We are delighted to announce the Mail Manager integration with Procore, a leading Construction management platform across the built environment globally. 

We are continually looking to enable organisations to integrate email as one of the key cornerstones of their information management strategy.  

Procore allows Construction businesses to streamline their processes right across the project lifecycle and is one of the only solutions which provides a fully holistic Management platform, covering everything around information management and financial control right through a project’s lifecycle.   

Partnering with Procore allows businesses to further integrate Procore in to their business, making it the one place to go for everyone on the project. Crucially, much of the critical project information already resides in Procore, including Drawings, Reports from the field, and Project documentation. Our integration is about making life easier for those in Procore. This means:  

  • Having full confidence that all of the relevant emails are filed against the project  
  • Commercial sensitive information isn’t left in individual inboxes, all organised in their own way  
  • Staff aren’t wasting time searching or forwarding information they should have access to  

If you’re using Procore, you’ll now be able to: 

  • Add projects from Procore in to Mail Manager 
  • File emails in to Procore using Mail Manager’s machine learning Prompt & Predict  
  • Search emails in Procore through Mail Manager, meaning you can find 1 email in 3 clicks  
  • Have your emails stored in Procore, meaning you’re also able to search there 
  • Have the ability to search for emails across projects, teams, and clients   

To find out more on why we have integrated with Procore and the benefits of implementing Mail Manager, download our integration guide below.  

Download Integration Guide

How Mail Manager addresses the email problem  

Project Information Management (PIM) has changed from organisations over the last 10 years deploying traditional Document Management systems to now using a hybrid approach to information management, comprising Teams, Microsoft 365, Document Control, Windows Explorer, and more, as common data environments.  

One area that more and more businesses are taking seriously is understanding the importance and value of email to their business, instead of relying on a chaotic and unorganised archive, which is only accessible by a limited number of people.

Mail Manager addresses your email headache overnight and ensures all of your project documents and correspondence is stored in a central location, so you'll never lose an important email again. 


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