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Mail Manager integrates with Graitec Opentree

22 September, 2021

We are happy to announce our new integration with Opentree!

Graitec Opentree (formerly known as Cabinet) is a BIM compliant document management system for Architectural and Engineering companies, designed and configured to help with demanding document control requirements by effectively managing CAD drawings, project files and associated documentation to the latest demanding ISO 19650 standards.

At Mail Manager, we are always looking to help organisations integrate email into their information management and document management strategies, so partnering with Opentree allows users to streamline their processes by bringing best-in-class email management into their document management platform. The result is a more holistic document management platform.


  • Businesses have full confidence in finding all relevant emails filed against a specific project
  • Commercially sensitive information isn’t left ‘locked’ in individual inboxes
  • Email management is instantly standardised across the business
  • Users don’t have to spend hours trying to find or forward information they should have access to

Bringing email into document management

The Mail Manager solution enables automatic filing of emails and documents that ensure vital project information is only stored in secure, centralised locations. It uses AI to learn employees filing habits and understand the most appropriate location for specific emails and documents to be stored in.

Crucially, Mail Manager helps businesses to store sensitive data in folders or locations that have restricted access rights. The solution also removes the risk of document duplication, ensures full visibility of business information, and prevents important data from being lost, deleted, or locked in employees’ individual inboxes.

The Mail Manager solution features a search function that enables users to find any document or email from across their systems and IT environments within two seconds. As a result, employees can find the specific data they need as and when they need it. 

Holistic document management with Mail Manager and Opentree

By partnering with Opentree, businesses will now be able to have one place to go for everything relating to the project. Much of that critical project information already resides in Opentree, such as CAD drawings, project files and documentation, and now email correspondence can too. 

If you’re using Opentree, you’ll now be able to:

  • Add projects from Opentree to Mail Manager
  • File emails into Opentree using Mail Manager’s machine learning Prompt & Predict
  • Search emails in Opentree through Mail Manager, meaning you can find 1 email in 3 clicks
  • Have your emails stored in Opentree, meaning you’re also able to search there
  • Have the ability to search for emails across projects, teams, and clients  

How Mail Manager solves the email management problem

As more businesses understand and appreciate the importance of email correspondence to their project and general operations, email management has become a more pressing issue. The risks of leaving emails unmanaged, unorganised, chaotic and inaccessible include being unable to reproduce information in disputes, staff left unable to access the information they need to make informed decisions, incomplete audit trails, and low productivity. 

Mail Manager seamlessly plugs into Outlook to instantly solve these problems, reducing risk, improving project deliverability, and boosting productivity.


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