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The new Mail Manager 10.1

Mail Manager 09 Sep, 2020

Following the successful launch of Mail Manager Version 10, the updated 10.1 means connecting email to even more of your business system.

Mail Manager now integrates with:  

  • Office 365 – Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive  
  • Total Synergy – A practice and project management system in the Built Environment  
  • Viewpoint – One of the leading collaboration platforms in Construction
  • Bentley ProjectWise

See more on our integrations here.

Clickless project creation  

Mail Manager 10.1 includes the ability to automatically discover and add filing locations in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Viewpoint, and Synergy.

Why is this important?  

This means everyone in the organisation is working off one common list of locations, filing the right emails to the right projects.  

As soon as a project has been created in any of the above, it can automatically appear in Mail Manager, reducing the amount of administrative time when a new project lands in your business.  

This helps you if: 

  • Creating a project was a manual process 
  • It had to be someone’s responsibility to create and manage locations  
  • It would require some training to manage collections & locations



As Teams continues to be an essential part of our working lives, we are taking our integration further still. We recognise that a high volume of internal communication is happening on Teams, whether it’s through calls or the chat feature, and that Project teams are created. When staff are receiving emails with information in them of value to the whole of their internal project team, you can now file to the location in Teams, as easy as filing in to anywhere else. This means the project site in SharePoint is populated with all of the relevant email information. 

What problem does this solve? 

Filing in to MS-Teams from a user’s perspective is challenging. We all still have overloaded inboxes, remembering to use a project email address will generally only be done inconsistently and messages can be auto archived after 30 days, which goes against most data retention policies of firms operating in AEC.   

Improved user experience  

The Mail Manager search has always represented a full library of emails in a business, spanning across projects, teams, and internal topics. We’ve developed the option of being able to export/import indexes to support new users and those changing machines quicker.  

The user interface of Mail Manager has also further improved so the icons reflect the Microsoft 365 style.  

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