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Ideagen acquires Mail Manager

9 February, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that today we have been acquired by Ideagen, a global provider of information management software.

Ben Dorks, CEO of Ideagen, says: “What a great way to start the new year by giving a very warm welcome to everyone at Mail Manager. It has a resilient business model, a quality customer base, a strong team and outstanding technology.

“Mail Manager joins our growing suite of leading collaboration software, enhances our ARR base and has a strong presence in key end markets where we expect to be able to drive group-wide growth.

“Our mission is to help customers effectively navigate highly regulated environments through great software and we look forward to making further complementary acquisitions from our pipeline in due course.”

What does this mean for our customers?

On a day-to-day, it’s business as usual, only now do we have new resources and capabilities to continue driving value for you and your organisation faster. We are still here to support you, answer any questions, help you grow, achieve value and overcome any challenges with your software. We will continue to keep in regular contact with you to notify you of product developments and enhancements to ensure you take advantage of these.

What does this mean for us?

As an engineering business, it's right that Arup has found a technology partner to take us forward. This acquisition represents an opportunity to integrate Mail Manager with a broader set of solutions, as well as provide an increased level of investment for the product.

Our head office remains in London and our team remains the same.

Ideagen is a large-scale software and services organisation operating within highly regulated industries, and with operational premises spread throughout the UK, EU, US, UAE and SE Asia. Ideagen’s software portfolio helps clients reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, strengthen compliance and oversight and anticipate and manage every detail of risk.

Currently, more than 7,000 organisations around the world use Ideagen products including seven of the top 10 UK accounting firms, all of the top aerospace and defence companies and 75% of the world's leading pharmaceutical firms. Ideagen works with the likes of British Airways, the US Navy, BAE Systems, Emirates, Shell and the European Central Bank.

Joining forces with Ideagen is what takes us into the next chapter, strengthening our current operations and providing us with the infrastructure and platform for further development. Stay tuned to see where our growth and innovation takes us from here.

Stuart Rowe, Mail Manager CEO says: “This acquisition provides us with a great opportunity to continue to scale our operations both vertically and globally, as well as further develop our already industry-leading email management solution. There are clear synergies around information management, collaboration, business efficiencies and risk between Ideagen’s product suite and the Mail Manager product. So, I believe this is an excellent fit for Mail Manager.

“We’ll continue to service our customers as normal, and our commitment to delivering a world-class product and customer experience has, if anything, been strengthened.”


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