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Podcast Episode 18: The Road to Recovery series, part 4 - Adrian Hill on how procurement can have a positive effect on the road to recovery

Mail Manager 23 Jun, 2020

In part four of our 'Road to Recovery' podcast series, Adrian Hill, Director of Operations at Scape Group, joins us to talk about what Construction firms should be doing when tendering.

Episode 18: Adrian Hill - How procurement can have a positive effect on the road to recovery


Adrian Hill, Director of Operations at Scape Group, joins us in part 4 of our Road to Recovery series to talk about what construction firms need to be doing when tendering. We cover Scape’s approach to procurement, what shouldn't go back to normal post-COVID, discouraging procurement behaviours of the last recession, and their learning in lockdown initiative.

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About Adrian and Scape Group:

Scape Group is a public sector organisation, dedicated to creating ongoing efficiency and social value via the built environment. Scape and its subsidiaries offer fully managed frameworks, property services, innovative design solutions, community investment opportunities and joint ventures.

By bringing together the strongest teams from the public and private sectors, Scape’s rapidly deployed, highly measurable and collaborative approach delivers value for money and quality buildings while stimulating local economic growth and community enrichment. Scape operates with a buying capacity of £12bn and has helped to deliver over 12,000 public sector projects with more than 1,800 currently in progress. For the past three years, Scape Group was named the ‘Best Client to Work With’ at the annual Construction Enquirer Awards.

For more information visit:

As Director of Operations, Adrian leads the operational and strategic activity for Scape Procure. Adrian manages the framework management, client relationship management and performance and social value teams, applying strategic leadership of change and innovation to ensure that the framework services provide excellent value for money to the public sector.

Prior to Scape, Adrian worked as Group Leisure Sector Lead for Willmott Dixon, and for Sport England where he led investment policy for the development and management of sports facilities within England. He holds an MBA in Construction and Real Estate.

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