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The real cost of EHS risks for Environmental Services

9 February, 2023

Environmental Services are at a high risk of environmental, health and safety (EHS) issues frequently becoming litigious, with many becoming high-profile cases that attract negative attention for the businesses involved. Companies that breach health and safety law are being hit with financial penalties costing millions of pounds.

With many new rules and frequently emerging and evolving regulations to navigate, the scope for what could become a court claim is enormous, resulting in a high likelihood that your business will be involved in legal proceedings at some point or another. Therefore, it is imperative to put a plan in place to protect the company against potential risks and be best prepared to defend the business and employees against legal disputes.

Many environmental services businesses have safety protocols in place. Still, often these are printed off in a hard copy user guide and filed away, never to see the light of day again. Unfortunately, this means that safety management processes are only sometimes followed by management or staff out on the ground, resulting in the likelihood of a high volume of health and safety incidents taking place. Due to the nature of the job, it is often difficult for companies to carry out audits to identify whether or not the business is being compliant, opening up a huge risk for potential litigation where the firm would not be able to substantiate any of its claims of following correct procedure should an incident happen.

Firms must review their strategy around managing risk and health and safety compliance to reduce any high-risk areas, lessening the chances of future criminal or civil liability claims being brought against the firm.

How Mail Manager can help environmental services firms be compliant

Mail Manager helps environmental services businesses to reduce risk and remain compliant by ensuring that critical data is never lost or deleted and is accessible from any project location.

Ensure compliance with a fully traceable audit trail

Environmental services businesses spend a massive amount of time corresponding with people in different locations and sharing sensitive data and agreements by email. With Mail Manager, all project communications, records, and EHS information can be retrieved without the risk of lost or deleted parts of the chain.

Locate Critical Project information instantly to resolve disputes.

With Mail Managers’ market-leading search tool, it is possible to retrieve any data and communications within just three clicks, reassuring firms that they can produce evidence of compliance quickly and effortlessly to solve queries and minimise disputes.

Visible Collaboration in Real Time

Reduce the risk of working off outdated or essential information being trapped in a colleague’s inbox. Mail Manager provides complete visibility over projects, so everyone on the team can be aware of previous correspondence and know they are working from the most up-to-date information, no matter where they are located.

Discover how Mail Manager can remain effortlessly compliant with a free trial of the solution.


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