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3 reasons why environmental services firms are investing in Mail Manager

6 July, 2022

As Mail Manager continues to expand into new industries and geographies, one area of continual growth has been in the Environment Services industry. It’s great to see so many Environmental firms starting to consider emails as they would any other document or piece of information.

Mail Manager helps businesses control how business-critical project correspondence and communication is managed, stored and accessed. Whether that’s a business working on water wastage or championing sustainable projects, Mail Manager helps Environmental Services firms ensure all email correspondence is in an accessible but secure location, and email management is standardised across every user. The prompt and predict feature ensures all users file important emails to the right location, reducing the risk of regulatory fines or losing important information, and improving audit trails and information visibility.

Taking away the pains of managing email means that’s one less thing staff need to think about and one less thing business leaders need to worry about. Our customers don’t pay their staff to spend significant time filing and finding emails!

Three reasons Environmental Services firms benefit from an email management solution

1. Firms can keep all business-critical data and information where they can find it! With Mail Manager's prompt and predict feature, all your documentation will be up to date, reducing the risk of financial fines and gaining visibility over all critical communications on a project or client.

2. Keep track of and find every detail related to a project or client within three clicks using our industry-leading search tool. You can eliminate time wasted searching for information stored in staff's email inboxes as everyone will have instant access to the same information.

3. Mail Manager is designed to fit in with your existing IT setup, meaning you retain and store your data, and Mail Manager does not host your confidential information. We integrate with Outlook, and you file to where your business files.

Helping Environmental Services firms take control of their email correspondence

Quentin Hulm, Managing Director at Environmental Services firm Cornelsen described Mail Manager as: “Mail Manager is a robust, reliable and efficient filing system that makes all project emails accessible to everyone in the team with the powerful search facility.”

Mail Manager enables Cornelsen to reduce the business’s exposure to risk, improve team collaboration and ensure all project and company emails are stored in an organised and accessible manner.

At RML Consult, Robert Jones, Quality Control, states the benefits of Mail Manager include being able to pick up on projects once someone leaves the firm: "We are a small company that understands each other’s roles, and Mail Manager helps us pick up where someone has left off with ease. Mail Manager has increased both our productivity and our ability to collaborate.”


For RML, implementing Mail Manager helped reduce delays by improving information visibility and collaboration over projects, ensure compliance requirements are met (they needed to file and manage their emails to maintain their ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification), and free up valuable staff time.

Lastly, Noise Consultants invested in our email management solution to meet compliance regulations by using Mail Manager’s automated filing feature. With Mail Manager, they were able to eradicate information silos and replace them with a transparent central filing location. That has resulted in better team collaboration with project updates being accessible across all team members. Equally, lengthy manual filing processes are no longer required!

Recent client wins include firms in North America, the UK and the APAC region, such as DustScanAQ, RSK Group, Woodard & Curran, ACE Consultants, Miller Goodall, Richard Green Ecology, Neo Environmental and Coterra Environment.


See how you can take back control of your inbox with Mail Manager’s free trial!


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