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The Personal Assistant's secret weapon for getting ahead

16 June, 2022

Often it feels like there are just not enough hours in the day, and the tasks keep growing. That awful feeling grows in your stomach when the clock inches closer to five o’clock, and the to-do list is still nowhere near complete. Watching those evening plans vanish before your eyes as your boss dumps yet another pile of urgent tasks on your desk. The loud exhale you make because you know your workday will almost certainly run over now, and if history has taught you anything, it’s that leaving unfinished tasks to pile up at the end of the day is a one-way ticket to a late finish.

Managing diaries, meetings, and appointments for senior managers within the business is a demanding job. On top of this, you must keep track of all the travel, events and arrangements, often at a moment’s notice. Every email comes with invoices or attachments that must be dealt with. Trying to ensure that you are filing every piece of information in the right place can quickly become a logistical nightmare.

‘Work smarter, not harder’ is a phrase often thrown around, but there is value in it. If you could provide a better performance in less time than it used to take, why wouldn’t you? Well, what if we told you all those repetitive email filing jobs consuming your day could be a thing of the past?

Mail Manager is a PA’s secret weapon

Mail Manager has been helping Personal Assistants perform at their best since 2016. Removing the productivity drains from your day makes it possible to claim up to 20% of additional time back every week! The email management solution for Outlook allows you to take control of email filing and gives you the tools to manage your boss’s correspondence and attachments straight from the inbox.

Here are some of the ways Mail Manager can revolutionise your tasks:


No more laborious filing!

How many hours a day do you spend manually filing important email communications and documentation? We often hear from stressed-out PAs about their frustration with how the growing admin over filing is taking over their day. Mail Manager allows you to file all critical information directly from your inbox to a central location of your choice, removing the need for manually dragging and dropping to multiple locations.


Never miss a thing with complete visibility over your boss’s communications.

Sick of finding out important information at the last minute? Mail Manager is perfect for PAs as it provides visibility over all necessary communications and plans that your boss has so that you can deal with them as they happen. No more being on the back foot about changes in meeting plans and then working through a pile of tasks at the end of the day. An email management solution allows you to get ahead and manage your time on your terms.


Get more done in less time.

Mail Manager does the heavy lifting by removing the tedious jobs that are a productivity drain on your day. Those thankless admin tasks that pile up are instantly filed, and you are free to focus on the parts of your job that make you shine and get you to that promotion faster.


Impress your boss with your precision and efficiency

Through AI and machine learning, Mail Manager learns your behaviours to help predict where emails need to go, reducing the worry of forgetting to file something or of filing something in the wrong place. And with the new automated Filing Assistant, you never have to worry about coming back to an overflowing inbox after time away.

Why not take advantage of a Mail Manager free trial and see how you can take control of your day and get hours back in your week?



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