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Productive digital collaboration... Is it possible?

21 February, 2023

Productivity is key to business success and profitability. And enhancing your company's productivity has the added benefit of increasing your team's morale - promoting a better work environment and leading to a more successful organisation.

After all, successful collaboration:

  • Enables innovation,

  • Improves problem solving,

  • Reduces costs,

  • Enhances productivity, and

  • Promotes creativity.


The ability to collaborate effectively is crucial for organisations where multi-stakeholder input is essential, and speed to market is vital. Your ability to get the right people involved in projects creates more momentum within the execution process and heads off potential delays and changes.

But it doesn't necessarily come easy...

Productivity pitfalls when working collaboratively

A lack of feedback is one of the major productivity blockers in the workplace. Team members must have their efforts and performance recognised and evaluated regularly to grow as a team.

We can safely say that there are some traditional communication methods that are here to stay. One of them is email. Inefficiently managing emails, mismanaged documents and lack of accountability can significantly hinder the workflow.

Silos within organisations

Sharing information and collaborating across departments is difficult when data is siloed. To maintain your team's cohesion, hybrid and remote teams must be kept in the loop and provided with access to the necessary information to remain productive.

Siloed data can make it difficult for leaders to get a holistic picture of their business. For data to add value to the analysis and decision-making processes, it is important that it can be found easily by the right stakeholders, used in a timely manner, secure, and can be trusted when it is found and used.

Enhancing productivity with the right tools and processes

It is always difficult for people who have always done things in a particular way to accept change, so introducing new platforms or techniques for collaborative work can be challenging. However, using the right tools and processes to work more productively has never been more important.

The most effective productivity tools are fit for purpose, meaning they are designed specifically to address the challenges faced by users. These tools should be intuitive and easy to use, so that your team can get the most out of them without having to spend a lot of time learning how to use them.

Productivity tools should be a catalyst for productivity improvements and growth, not just a temporary fix. They should provide clear and measurable benefits, such as increased efficiency and better time management, that users can see over time.

When users are able to experience these benefits, they are more likely to continue using these tools, further driving their own productivity and success.

How to unlock your productivity


An essential element to your organisation's success is effective collaboration.

Join us at The Future-Ready Digital Collaboration Summit with award-winning author Grace Marshall whose practical advice on productivity and work-life balance has been featured in The Guardian, Irish Times, Forbes, HuffPost, London Economic Forum, Working Mums, Glamour, Business Matters and BBC Radio.

Grace will deliver a thought-provoking talk that gives attendees actionable insights and tips on improving productivity in their business. You'll also be given the opportunity to ask your productivity questions and get answers from the expert herself. Register today!

Session talking points


  • Productivity pitfalls when working collaboratively

  • Using the right tools and processes to work more productively

  • How to unlock your productivity






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