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Podcast Episode 2: Becoming Data-Driven with Randy Bean

Mail Manager 09 Jun, 2021

In episode 2 of the 'Digital World of Tomorrow' podcast, we are joined by Randy Bean, CEO and Founder of NewVantage Partners, author, and contributor to Forbes, MIT Sloan Management Review, Harvard Business Review and The Wall Street Journal. The 'Digital World of Tomorrow' podcast is designed to help people in technology roles address the big challenges they face and discuss the key themes across the industry, breaking down stigmas, bringing awareness to issues and challenges, and hearing from those at the forefront of change. In this episode, we discuss becoming data-driven.

Episode 2: Randy Bean - Becoming Data-Driven

Randy Bean podcast

Randy Bean, CEO and Founder of NewVantage Partners, chats with Mail Manager's Joseph Soper in episode two of the 'Digital World of Tomorrow' podcast to discuss: the value of data, how it is being used, the rise of the Chief Data Officer, what we can expect from a data-driven AI future, the challenges organisations face in becoming data-driven, and the role of data in becoming data-driven.

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About Randy: 

Randy Bean is an industry thought leader, author, and speaker in the field of data-driven business leadership. He is known for his frequent columns in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, and The Wall Street Journal. His book, Fail Fast, Learn Faster: Lessons in Data-Driven Leadership in an Age of Disruption, Big Data, and AI, will be published on August 31, 2021. Bean is founder and CEO of NewVantage Partners, a strategic advisory firm which he founded in 2001. Bean also serves as co-chair of the James Merrill House, an internationally acclaimed writers residency program. He is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and resides in Boston, MA and Stonington Borough, CT.

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