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Podcast Episode 58: Workplace stress within construction post-pandemic

Mail Manager 11 Nov, 2021

Louise Hoskings, Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner, Owner of Hosking Associates, joins us in episode 58 of the ‘Changing Construction’ podcast, the podcast designed to help people in construction address the big challenges they face, and discuss the key themes across the industry. Here you'll hear from those at the forefront of change, where we break down stigmas and bring awareness to issues and challenges. In this episode, we discuss workplace stress within construction.

Episode 58: Louise Hosking - Workplace stress within construction post-pandemic


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 Louise Hoskings, Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner, Owner of Hosking Associates joins us on the 'Changing Construction' podcast to discuss workplace stress within construction, covering: the importance of treating mental health the same way we treat physical health and safety, the influence of having women on construction sites, new ways to approach management other than commanding employees, new ways to approach leadership, part-time roles within in construction, and having a similar approach of CDM to eliminate risk around mental health.

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About Louise:

Louise has 30 years of experience in Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) working beside organisations of all sizes, within a range of sectors to achieve their OSH goals and beyond. She is motivated by the schools, businesses and charities she supports to fully integrate OSH as a brand differentiator and an integral component of their success.

She believes in Positive OSH (#POSH) focusing on what good looks like, cutting through jargon, empowering all levels to make personal and collective choices on how to manage risk. Louise makes OSH interesting and something teams will want to engage with.

As a small business owner, Louise understands the distractions and pressures you face and so, has a unique, practical, business-focused perspective on how to deliver OSH success across a business. Every customer is unique and the approach is fully tailored. Louise also has a strong property & facilities management background, and regularly trains boards and senior executives so they fully understand the OSH impact of decisions made, and to support them in understanding the real standards within their organisation.

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