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Podcast Episode 61: Rework and the cost of ineffective communication

Mail Manager 21 Dec, 2021

Joins us in the final episode of 2021 on the ‘Changing Construction’ podcast, the podcast designed to help people in construction address the big challenges they face, and discuss the key themes across the industry. Here you'll hear from those at the forefront of change, where we break down stigmas and bring awareness to issues and challenges. In this episode, we discuss reworks and the cost of ineffective communication.

Episode 61: Rework and the cost of ineffective communication

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Mail Manager's very own Liam Jones, Senior Client Manager, chats with Amy Hatton, Associate Editor at PM Today about rework and the cost of ineffective communication, covering: the current email landscape, challenges facing project teams, avoiding rework through complete email management, improving key stakeholder engagement and decision making, and the project management communication chasm.

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