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Podcast Episode 14: The importance of a digital strategy in a pandemic with Jeames Hanley

Mail Manager 04 Jun, 2020

In episode 14 of the 'Changing Construction' podcast, we are joined by Digital Business Strategist & Technologist, Jeames Hanley, who shares his experiences during the pandemic and the importance of a digital strategy in accelerating the business. 

Episode 14: Jeames Hanley

Jeames Hanley

Syndey-based Jeames Hanley, a Digital Business Strategist & Technologist, joins us to chat about the importance of a digital strategy in a pandemic. Jeames goes through his experience of the pandemic and how moving his whole team to work remotely enabled them to still accelerate and bid for projects. We also chat about how the pandemic was accelerating the speed of change, rather than being a barrier, and how this can be underpinned by having a digital strategy, which helps businesses prepare for when something like this happens.

Listen here:

About Jeames:

As a Design Technology Manager in the AEC industry, Jeames leads digital transformation change management at a business and project level. His goal is to lead and create a Design Technology eco-system that enables staff to leverage the most advanced methodologies and technological solutions in order to realise new levels of creativity, efficiency, and delivery that can be achieved with a solid technology-based foundation.

Jeames pairs big picture vision, leadership and strategic values with a breadth of technical skills in design and business technology, as well as digital project delivery workflows.

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