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Podcast Episode 41: Productivity and replacing stress with Grace Marshall

Mail Manager 22 Feb, 2021

Grace Marshall, Head Coach, Chief Encourager, Productivity Ninja, and Author of How to be Really Productive joins us for episode 41 of the ‘Changing Construction’ podcast, the podcast designed to help people in Construction address the big challenges they face and discuss the key themes across the industry, breaking down stigmas, bringing awareness to issues and challenges, and hear from those at the forefront of change. In this episode, we discuss adopting new ways of working and thinking about work.

Episode 41: Grace Marshall - Productivity and replacing stress 

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We are joined by Grace Marshall, Head coach, Chief Encourager, Productivity Ninja, and Author to chat about people's addiction to 'busyness', measuring productivity by activity rather than result, managing attention, prioritising recharge, adopting new ways of working, and replacing stress, overwhelm and frustration with success, sanity and satisfaction.

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About Grace: 

Grace Marshall coaches, trains, writes and speaks on productivity. Helping people adopt new ways of working and thinking about their work to replace stress, overwhelm and frustration with success, sanity and satisfaction.

Graces's first book ’21 Ways to Manage the Stuff that Sucks Up Your Time’ topped the Amazon UK bestselling ranks for Time Management, Business Management and Small Business Entrepreneurship. Grace's second book, ‘How to be Really Productive: Achieving clarity and getting results in a world where work never ends’ won The Commuter’s Read category at the CMI 2017 Management Book of the Year Awards, where it was described as ‘a breath of fresh air’.

Grace joined forces with fellow productivity author Graham Allcott in 2012, to become Think Productive’s first female Productivity Ninja. Over the last 6 years she's trained and taught over 6000 people in the practical, playful ways of the Productivity Ninja - from startup founders to corporate managers, artists to engineers, students and CEOs. Officially based in the Midlands in the UK, Grace's workshops and speaking tours have taken her as far north as Helsinki and as far south as Budapest, with stages ranging from corporate headquarters to a tent in the New Forest.

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