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How to keep your important emails and documents organised

25 April, 2022

Despite being one of the biggest challenges for businesses, document management is often an area that gets overlooked. How often do you get frustrated because you can’t find an urgent document?

Keeping documents and email correspondence organised is no easy task, especially when you are unsure of the best approach. Fortunately, with the digital tools that are available today, there are many ways you can take control of your email and document management with ease.

What is document management?

Document management was developed in the early days of computing to keep large files organised and documents easy to find. With the process initially being done manually, it was often time-consuming and left much room for error. As technology advanced, software became available to help make document management more effortless. With many solutions available, it’s best to research and see which one works cohesively with how you like to work.

How to keep your documents organised

Believe it or not, not every business has a document management process meaning that each employee deals with their documents and emails how they see fit (if at all!). This results in time wasted looking for information and opens the business up to substantial risks. Today every company is required to manage their data responsibly, and the first step in doing this is to have a robust document management system in place. Systemising how you store your emails and documents will mean that you can store all your information in one place, and all staff will know where to find information quickly and easily.

Which system is right for your business?

Electronic Folders

Like traditional paper folders, electronic folders are used to store files on your computer. The downside of this method is that other staff members can’t access anything stored on your individual computer, and if you have many large files, it can often slow down the efficiency of your computer.


A database is a more collaborative document management option that allows multiple people to access a document and track changes throughout the process. This is particularly beneficial when you have many team members working on a project simultaneously.


A cloud-based system allows you to store documents online and access them from any location. With remote and hybrid working now being commonplace, this offers the most flexibility and is the first choice for many businesses today.

What about integrations?

You have thought about the best document storage system for your business, but what about how it integrates with everything else you use daily? The key to keeping documents organised is to make the process as effortless as possible. With email being the primary method of communication for most industries, it means that most documents are received this way. Therefore it makes sense to look for a way to save time and file documents directly from your Outlook inbox.

Mail Manager is an email management solution that integrates with Outlook and allows you to file emails and attachments directly from your inbox to your chosen location. The solution uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to understand how staff members work to predict the correct filing location, reducing the need for staff to leave their inbox to save documents manually.

See how your email and documents can be organised in half the time with Mail Manager’s free trial!



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