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How Mail Manager helps connect remote teams

14 May, 2020

The working world has faced a seismic shift in traditional approaches to office life and the way we manage processes, tasks, projects, customers, and more. Just a few months back, remote working was more closely associated with contract or freelance work, digital challengers and millennials. Not anymore. 

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will be long-lasting. Even if the virus goes away any time soon, the lasting legacy left behind in terms of the economy and how we work will change life as we know it forever. From drones being able to carry out site visits on construction sites to teams working collaboratively in multiple geographies, or video software enabling virtual interior planning to the reality of space tourism. 

Technology has revolutionised our daily lives in the last decade. The improvements in artificial intelligence, machine learning and supercomputing have driven the capabilities of technology beyond our wildest imaginations. Today’s tech is being used to better treat mental health, improve elite sports performance, reduce famine around the world, identify cancer quicker and help businesses go green. However, from a working point of view, the biggest impact is the speed and accessibility to information.

Technology puts information in the palm of our hand. From your smartwatch to your mobile device to your connected home devices, a web of information is constantly being created and served to you as and when you need it. But there is one thing that often lags behind. Email. 

When it comes to document management, it’s no different. The need for a shared pot of information has never been more important. 

With companies having to implement remote working practices overnight, this sudden change has created a new set of challenges, particularly when it comes to collaboration and information visibility. You can’t simply walk over to a colleague in the office and ask for an update. While workplace collaboration apps help teams chat with each other and video software helps meetings be more personal, email management is one huge information black hole. 

Solving the remote working challenge

Mail Manager, being an email management and collaboration solution, is uniquely placed to help solve this challenge and bring teams and information together. 

Enspire Solutions Founder and Director, Cameron Vella, works remotely to his team and on a different timezone, which presents its own project management challenges. “If I need an email that I know someone has sent but I wasn't copied on, I don't have to wait for them to wake up to find it. I can just go to the search tool and find it. Without that functionality, I'd lose a lot of time.

“There are many examples where I've had to go searching for emails when people are asleep. For example, if I’ve asked someone to copy me in on something that I knew was critical but I didn't receive the email, I can search to find whether the email was sent it or not. If it was, then I'm maybe a bit annoyed they didn't CC me on it, but I’m happy that I can easily confirm the job is done without waking them up.”

Mail Manager remote teamsThe Mail Manager effect

Being an AI-powered email management solution, Mail Manager is all about connecting teams, filing sensitive email data and sharing information. Whether you are based in London, New York, Toronto, Copenhagen, Cape Town or Sydney, we make it easy for your remote teams to collaborate and work more efficiently together. 

Here’s how:
  • Working from the most up-to-date document and email
    - Say goodbye to irritating email chains and trying to find the latest version of the document you want
    - Keeping track of who has said what when you’re not sitting next to each other
  • Working from shared project folders
    - Easy access to the communication you need, when you need it
    - Standardised email filing across the business, even when teams are working from outside the office, using smart AI
  • Avoiding duplication
    - Files just one copy of an email, reducing duplicates and ensuring a streamlined chain of correspondence
  • Up to speed no matter where you are in the world
    - Flexibility and remote working go hand in hand. Quickly see the latest project correspondence from your team. No more playing catch up, waiting for colleagues to respond to messages or chatting to clients, customers or third-parties blind
  • Peace of mind for business leaders
    - See what’s going on with projects, the team’s current workload, who has agreed to what and more, helping to put disputes and risk to the back of the mind
  • Bringing remote teams together
    - Improves information accessibility and visibility for all, as well as integrates with the likes of Teams and SharePoint, meaning everyone can work as they would in the office, without feeling ‘out of the loop’



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