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Email management best practices: Smart email filing

23 December, 2021

Many professionals have a love-hate relationship with emails. Especially for project and client-based businesses who spend on average one full working day per week managing their inbox. Many people log into their devices first thing in the morning and check their emails while having breakfast or commuting to the office. It is ingrained in our daily lives, and we all spend more time than we'd like reading and responding to emails.

To some peoples' dismay, email is not going anywhere. It is still the most commonly used form of correspondence and is the lifeblood of project and client work. But, only if the information held within emails are well-organised, accessible and secure. Unmanaged files like emails can quickly become a chaotic, obtrusive and risky burden on your organisation.

The importance of emails for project and client-based firms

All project and client information is important, and email is usually used to send and receive these updates from documenting approvals, change requests and more. Email provides a clear timeline of who said what and when. But more often than not, email isn't regarded as business-critical and gets locked away in individual inboxes, inaccessible to the wider team. This is a huge issue when someone leaves an organisation or is on leave. 

If information doesn't get to the right person at the right time, it can cause huge complications with project and client work. Poor communication and email management practices can negatively impact timing, budgets and cause poor business decisions. In fact, poor email management and communication gaps cost companies $62 million every year!

Moving to smart filing practices

The key to turning scattered business information into something accessible and usable is by including email management into your business' overall document and information management strategy. When email management is incorporated, your business can turn its information and data into a Single Source of Truth. Project and client businesses need to make smarter email management choices. And the easiest thing you can do in your business is ensure that all-important emails are filed centrally.

Filing emails in a central location

Business-related emails are not personal, so they should be filed to central project or client locations. When information is accessible to everyone in the business (where relevant of course), all team members can review and respond to information, regardless of who the initial email was sent to. Teams will never lose an email again, and you'll never have to have an embarrassing conversation with a client when someone leaves the business or goes on holiday. Everyone will have a complete picture of the project which improves decision making, reduces risk and ensures a complete audit trail of all your project communication.

Creating new email management routines

It's not always easy to break out of your old email habits. But Mail Manager makes it easy. With Mail Manager, teams can file project and client emails with one click in Microsoft Outlook. We like to say Mail Manager solves your email headache overnight. You don't need an IT team, there's no complex installation process, and Mail Manager sits within Outlook. Plus, our AI technology automatically suggests what location to file your project emails to based on your previous filing habits so the software gets even more valuable with time!

Mail Manager is now available on your smartphone, meaning staff can now file and find emails filed to Microsoft 365 locations on the move! The Mail Manager 365 Mobile Application is available on Android and iPhone and links directly to an existing Mail Manager subscription.

When project and client teams switch to smart-filing, they never look back! We've put together some customer success stories where you can see the benefits different customers experience with better email management, including information being easier than ever to find, and significantly reducing business risks. Plus, we were recently called "the best thing since sliced bread"

Discover how Mail Manager can bring clarity to your inbox with a 15-day free trial of our solution, or book a consultation with us today. 



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