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Email management 101

6 November, 2019

Over 269 billion emails  were sent and received each day in 2017 alone. This figure is expected to increase to over 333 billion daily emails by 2022. Additionally, in 2018 the number of global email users amounted to 3.8 billion and is set to grow to 4.4 billion users in 2023. The abundance of emails being sent and received is putting our inboxes under incredible strain - a strain that can’t be maintained.

Simply put, without the proper organisation, processes and systems in place, emails will be a burden on business success. Information will continually be lost in the black hole of your cluttered inbox and you’ll be opening your business and your projects up to risk - both financial and reputational. 

So, what actually is email management, and what can we do about it? Find out below.

What is email management?

The average worker spends 13 hours a week dealing with emails, according to a study by McKinsey. Additionally, responding to, finding and reading email takes up 28% of our working week. With so much time being spent on email, managing it is designed to help ease the pain and pressure of day-to-day email handling.

Email management tools aim to improve the filing, searching, storing and organisation of emails to help improve transparency and productivity across the business. For an individual, email management aims to improve their overall efficiency and ability to do their job.

In industries such as Construction, Engineering, Architecture, Oil & Gas and Property, where employees typically work in project teams, email is the go-to communication channel for work. That means sensitive and critical information is often stored within, however, it’s often locked in individual inboxes. Email management helps ‘unlock’ that information by improving accessibility and reducing the risk of losing critical data.

Good email management turns your business from risk reactive to risk ready. From email being a productivity drain to a competitive advantage. From email being a workplace stressor to a core part of your information management processes.

illustration how to handle emails effectively

Email management for Outlook: Mail Manager

There are plenty of different types of email management software available today. At Mail Manager, we offer an AI-powered email management solution specifically for Outlook users. Developed by Arup, we are an independent solution that focuses solely on email, but we do email the best.

Essentially, Mail Manager is a simple Outlook plugin that works by filing emails and attachments inside folders, located in the location of the customer’s choice (both on-premise or to a cloud storage system). 

The software uniquely learns your filing behaviour using machine learning, speeding up the process of actually filing an email and removing the risk of filing to the wrong location. And, to make life even easier, Mail Manager is built with a powerful search function (described as Google for email), helping you find any indexed email relating to any project in seconds. 

Unlike other bulkier options on the market that claim to resolve all your information management challenges, Mail Manager is a light application that doesn’t require changes to your existing IT setup or a complicated install process. You can be up and running in a day, can access your emails on the move, via mobile devices, and can rest assured your colleagues are using standardised email filing on all projects. Plus, we don’t ‘own’ your data - it’s filed to your existing setup so you retain control of your most critical asset.

For day-to-day project workers, Mail Manager provides instant visibility to project information so you can do your job more effectively. For management, Mail Manager improves business profitability and mitigates risk, particularly when it comes to disputes and claims. 

Download a free 15-day trial now to see the benefits of Mail Manager for yourself. 



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