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The benefits of email management for big businesses

2 June, 2021

Email is the most-used communication tool for enterprise businesses. But, with millions of emails being sent and received on a daily basis, businesses struggle with turning their inbox into something usable, despite important project work and documentation held within.

All too often, emails are locked in individual staff inboxes, meaning if someone isn’t available or has left the business, their emails leave with them. Project leaders and directors are left unable to find important information they’re looking for, particularly from historic projects. This can leave clients angry, and the business unable to provide evidence in disputes.

Managing the swarm of business-critical emails

Mail Manager provides organisations with instant visibility across different offices, departments and time zones. By connecting teams in this way, our customers can improve their project visibility and transparency across the board, giving leaders better access to valuable information at the click of a button.

By managing the swarm of business-critical emails, our enterprise customers such as WSP, Gensler, Ramboll, and Arup have improved their productivity and reduced business risks.

Providing project visibility and greater efficiency for WSP

Global consulting firm WSP struggled with their email management. The ernes for filing and saving emails to project folders and directories fell on employees. WSP found issues in that every employee filed differently, and it was an onerous admin task that often fell through the cracks. Prior to implementing Mail Manager, WSP project teams would spend days looking for project information in Outlook, but lacked visibility into their colleagues' inboxes.

By rolling out Mail Manager in their South African branch, WSP has been able to quickly find project information, gain efficiencies as staff spend less time on admin, and more time on billable work. As well as this, project teams have complete project visibility by capturing both sides of the conversation.

Principal Associate, Mark Behrmann, commented: “The power of Mail Manager has given us the functionality to find so much more information than we previously could obtain, especially when there are multiple strings of correspondence. We now know more about what happened and how we got from A to B, and not just from one individual’s point of view… The single biggest benefit is a very fast, searchable means of finding information, in a centralised repository.”

Solving Gensler's email management and storage issues

We were approached by Gensler, a global architecture and design firm, as they were struggling with their email management. As with most businesses, Gensler’s emails tended to stay in individual inboxes with no filing protocol in place and relied on time-consuming search options to retrieve business-sensitive correspondence. As these inboxes grew, storage became a serious problem, and their email management issues were damaging productivity.

Mail Manager was an easy-to-manage platform that didn’t require any intense user training, dedicated servers or additional hardware. We were able to meet the needs of offsite workers with our mobile application, which allowed field workers and travelling team members to use the email management tools remotely, which has been a significant help since the pandemic.

Since implementing Mail Manager, Gensler has saved 5 hours per week in administrative printing, file coding and hard copy filing, as well as reduced storage costs associated with large inboxes, and they now comply with quality assurance and statutory standards.

Monica Parrot, Quality Manager at Gensler, commented: “We calculated that by implementing Mail Manager, the weekly savings would be enormous compared to the cost of the software per person per day, making it a ‘no brainer’ decision to implement.”

Improving processes, operations and compliance with Ramboll

Leading engineering, consultancy and design firm, Ramboll, had a manual and time-consuming email management process in place prior to implementing Mail Manager. They struggled with inefficiency, inconsistency and productivity issues within their projects as a result of this. Emails were not filed centrally, and since their teams were strategically scattered, the company was overwhelmed with important project information.

Now, Ramboll has been using Mail Manager for nearly two decades. Joanna Devonald, Operations Excellence Manager at Ramboll commented: “The benefits of Mail Manager can be seen by the team instantly. No one is ever missing an email because they filed it where they were told to from the very first day. Annually, this information is there for us to use in our audits, and if anyone asks if we have an audit trail for a specific change order, we can confidently say ‘yes we do, and here it is’.”

Mail Manager has worked with Ramboll to improve the company’s productivity and efficiency, especially for their project team members and managers. The ease of use has meant that Mail Manager was easily implemented at such a large scale, and as a result, Ramboll has experienced better compliance and regulation management with more complete records management.

Joanne went further to say, “We need to have access to all information related to any specific project in 40 years. You can more or less guarantee that the person who wrote that email is not going to work here, but we will still have their emails. This can help us defend legal challenges, not only from our clients but also from our employees if there were to be any. There's never any doubt about who wrote what and when they wrote it because it's all filed in Mail Manager. Nothing is ever lost when personnel change or leave Ramboll... There is absolutely no question about how you are filing your emails at Ramboll, Mail Manager is quite simply how we do it here."

Resolving Arup's central storage and search struggles

As any business would know, a huge amount of communication with third parties is done via email, and these are traditionally stored in users mailboxes. If a dispute was to ever arise in months or years down the track, these emails would be needed urgently to bring clarity to what was said and agreed between parties concerned. Arup developed Mail Manager as they had a massive problem with managing business-critical emails across the company. Email represented their biggest communication tool on projects, and exposed them to an unnecessary level of risk. They wanted to be able to find any email on any project quickly, without wasting time filing.

Paul Hill, BIM Specialist at Arup commented: “Most projects don’t go wrong, but if they do, email becomes critical.”

Mail Manager was developed as a way to make email management and archiving easier. Through learning user behaviour, Arup has used Mail Manager to speed up the process of finding and filing information, empowering users to locate any email years later, and provides one centralised storage location for all critical correspondence.

Get ROI with better email management

Email management represents a number of benefits to the business, especially as email remains the most-used business correspondence tool today. The potential ROI from better email management is significant. Our customers have found huge productivity, storage, regulatory and risk savings which have had a massive effect on their bottom line. Mail Manager saves around 3-hours per person per week, which equates to a cost-saving of £180 per user per month.

Never lose track of critical emails, save time searching and filing emails, and make more informed decisions with Mail Manager today. Book a demo below, or download the guide we’ve put together for enterprise businesses, “Big Problems, Small Solutions” today.



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