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Transitioning to Office 365

Mail Manager 16 Oct, 2020
This guide has been written for you if you’re on Office 365, but are only really using it for hosting your email and more recently MS-Teams. You...
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The concept of the Digital Twin and the role of unstructured data

Mail Manager 09 Oct, 2020
The old adage “learn from your past, don’t live in it” very much rings true to the modern construction industry. The move into the digital age has...
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Customer success story: Spectrum Engineers

Mail Manager 07 Oct, 2020
Spectrum Engineers is an engineering company based in Utah, United States with over 135 employees. They provide integrated mechanical, electrical,...
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Mail Manager partners with Total Synergy

Mail Manager 30 Sep, 2020
In response to our growth in APAC, Mail Manager is now integrated and being deployed to many Total Synergy clients.   Synergy is a leading business...
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Mail Manager for unsung heroes

Mail Manager 18 Sep, 2020
One of the key questions to answer prior to implementing any new technology is why are we doing this? And who is it helping? What this often comes...
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Customer success story: Severud Associates

Mail Manager 16 Sep, 2020
Severud Associates was founded 90 years ago in New York. They are an engineering firm recognised by their innovative structural designs for complex...
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Implementing Mail Manager – Phased or big bang?

Mail Manager 14 Sep, 2020
Over 100 businesses in the built environment have implemented Mail Manager in the last 3 months and one of the common queries that comes up is,...
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The new Mail Manager 10.1

Mail Manager 09 Sep, 2020
Following the successful launch of Mail Manager Version 10, the updated 10.1 means connecting email to even more of your business system. Mail...
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How to be risk ready and win disputes

Mail Manager 17 Aug, 2020
Legal disputes are a particularly hot topic for the construction industry in the current climate, which makes it more important than ever to be as...
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The Mail Manager Remote Working Guide

Mail Manager 13 Aug, 2020
The concept of remote working has long been touted as the future of work. But now, with many people working from home for the first time, the...
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Implementing Mail Manager during a pandemic

Mail Manager 27 Jul, 2020
Dix.Hite + Partners, Inc. is an award-winning landscape architecture firm providing high-quality, professional design services throughout the...
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The power of documents in a project dispute

Mail Manager 09 Jul, 2020
Projects can easily be affected or delayed by amendments and scope changes at the best of times. But in these uncertain times surrounding the...
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Introducing Mail Manager 10

Mail Manager 03 Jun, 2020
We’re really excited to announce the release of Mail Manager Version 10, packed full of features to help our clients work smarter and support their...
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AI’s growing role in everyday life and business

Mail Manager 01 May, 2020
Ten years ago, the idea of talking to a computer would be considered madness. Yet here we are in a new decade fully reliant on voice assistants like...
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Mail Manager’s commitment to helping businesses during COVID-19

Mail Manager 28 Apr, 2020
As a quickly expanding SaaS company, like most others, we’ve had to quickly transition from our regular way of working to ensure our teams can work...
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The Importance of Implementation and User Training

Mail Manager 27 Feb, 2020
If you were given a choice between two different boat drivers (helmsmen) to take you on a cruise, one with a license, one without, who will you...
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Mail Manager stories: 5 real-world use cases

Mail Manager 30 Sep, 2019
As with every technology solution, our customers want to know how they can actually use the solution to address their challenges and pain points. We...
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Four actionable email management tips for Outlook

Mail Manager 12 Aug, 2019
If you are a project-based business, email is probably a critical part of how you operate In fact, for most project-based businesses, email is the...
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Email management: The importance of knowing where your email data is

Mail Manager 06 Aug, 2019
After the British ambassador to the US, Kim Darroch, lost his job as a result of information leaks, the emphasis on email management is back on the...
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3 reasons to take email management seriously

Chris Smith 15 Jul, 2019
Despite the emergence of new communications tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, email remains critical in the modern organisation. Not only is it...
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Mail Manager wins big: Nine new customers in February!

Mail Manager 11 Mar, 2019
"Mail Manager is transforming our business. I can't imagine going back to filing and searching with Outlook again. We have been looking for a simple...
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5 ways to clean up your inbox

Mail Manager 08 Feb, 2019
The average professional spends 28% of the work day reading and answering email, according to a McKinsey analysis. Most professionals have resorted...
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