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Podcast Episode 33: Why innovation often fails with Nissa Dann

Mail Manager 05 Oct, 2020

Nissa Dann, Principal Digital Operations Coordinator at Hoare Lea, joins us for episode 33 of the ‘Changing Construction’ podcast, the podcast designed to help people in Construction address the big challenges they face and discuss the key themes across the industry, breaking down stigmas, bringing awareness to issues and challenges, and hear from those at the forefront of change. In this episode, we discuss the topic of why innovation often fails.

Episode 33: Nissa Dann - Why innovation often fails 

Nissa Dann podcast

Nissa Dann, Principal Digital Operations Coordinator at Hoare Lea, joins us to chat about what innovation actually means, the business need for change, generating additional value, how to implement new technologies and change, and the future of Construction.

Listen here:

About Nissa: 

Nissa Dann is a  digital operations coordinator,  working with Horelea's internal teams to successfully deliver change, with a focus on digital engineering locally in line with the central strategy. Nissa also cultivate innovative office culture and input into the wider strategy.

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