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How emails can haunt your business

24 October, 2023

In the chaos of the business world, there is one thing that can strike fear into the hearts of even the most fearless entrepreneurs – a disorganized email inbox. Yes, there are tools built in to systems such as Outlook that allow you to create folders, however, manual filing when email traffic is high quickly becomes overwhelming and starts eating away at your time, money, and project success.

A tale of disappearing productivity

In the beginning it just feels like a mind-numbing but easy admin task, however, it’s not long before emails start to flood your inbox, accumulating with each passing day. Of course, the problem is worsened after being on holiday, meaning that the well-deserved rest and relaxation you experienced is quickly shattered when you come back to an alarming number of notifications. Vital project details, agreements and communications become lost in what feels like a digital jungle.

The problem is even more detrimental when other staff members are away or have left the business; their valuable insights disappear with them, creating the ever-dreaded silo. From here, all decisions can be negatively impacted if made on false or out-of-date information.

As emails continue to multiply, your productivity starts halving. Hours are wasted as you desperately search for that one elusive email, buried deep within your inbox. Tasks remain unfinished, and deadlines start to feel like dark shadows following you around.

As the nightmare deepens, disputes start coming out to scare you even more. Projects stall, and clients raise concerns. With no clear audit trail of communication, you’re left defenseless. Not only is the ordeal of a dispute a horror in itself, but now you’re also at risk of having your reputation and resources diminished, directly affecting the success of your business.

The solution to save the day

Thankfully, these problems can be solved before they surface. With an email management tool such as Ideagen Mail Manager, you can streamline your day-to-day work processes and create collaborative digital space for your business. Manual filing, searching, and sharing is one less stress on your to-do lists, as with automation and predictive filing, all correspondence can be tracked, creating a clear audit trail; it’s like having your own personal email assistant. Welcome to your new, organized inbox.

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