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Edward Silohands

30 October, 2023

Kim works within a large team for a renowned pharmaceutical company. The team work tirelessly on long and complex projects, where efficient digital collaboration is the key to success. Little did she know that the horrors of data silos and poor communication could completely derail her work.

The web of data isolation

Kim’s teams collective efforts were often tangled in a web of miscommunication and data isolation. Emails containing new information were constantly being sent, however, being spread across multiple inboxes made it nearly impossible to synchronize updates. They had become susceptible to the wrath of data silos.

The weight of these silos caused project timelines to be extended, as the lack of a single source of truth meant that decisions were not data-driven and were disjointed due to teams receiving conflicting information. In the pharmaceutical industry, where precision and timing are everything, this kind of disorganization can lead to dire consequences.

Digital transformation

Fortunately this problem has a solution; email management software can streamline a project by creating a coherent and organized single source of truth. This means that project timelines need not be delayed and in addition to this, resources don’t have to be wasted.

Don't let your team become victims of data silos. To learn more about how to optimize your digital collaboration, click here!


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