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Why all-in-one systems no longer do the job

13 October, 2023

All-in-one document management systems have been the go-to for architectural and engineering firms for a while, offering a broad spectrum of functionalities in one package. The idea is captivating: a single system that promises to do it all. However, emerging trends and voices from the field paint a picture that demands a critical reassessment of this approach.

Yes, there’s a shifting preference towards more specialized, efficient, and cost-effective email management solutions. But, why is this happening?

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Now, let’s dissect why the one-size-fits-all approach of all-in-one systems is falling out of favor.

The unused excess

All-in-one systems often come packed with a multitude of features. On the surface, this might seem like a benefit—more bang for your buck, right? However, a closer look reveals a different story. Businesses often find themselves entangled in a web of unused features, utilizing only about 20% of these vast systems, with a large portion of features laying dormant and unused. Despite this limited usage, companies are still burdened with substantial annual costs for accessing the full system, leading to concerns over the actual return on investment (ROI). 

Complexity and user unfriendliness

Clunky interfaces and overly complicated features are another pressing issue with these multi-functional systems. Users often find them difficult to navigate, which can lead to errors, oversights, and a general sense of frustration. Such systems lack the fluidity and user-friendly interfaces that enable teams to operate at optimum efficiency. An instance from Holland Basham highlights this, where despite adopting a multifaceted project management tool with advanced features, the team found the system confusing and prone to errors due to extensive user input requirements.

“As a result of Newforma being so feature-heavy, many users were intimidated, and it would encourage them to bypass email filing for the traditional means of organizing information. So, there was a lot of inconsistency in how users went about filing emails.” 
Warren Curry, Innovator and Architect at Holland Basham

Costly inefficiencies

Do you frequently find yourself questioning the return on your investment? 

Archaic all-in-one systems quite often do not justify their hefty price tags. They’re often overpriced and underutilized, failing to meet the specific needs of architectural and engineering firms. Their lack of specialization in email management can lead to inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in daily operations. And, while businesses may be drawn to the broad spectrum of functionalities offered by these systems, they often find themselves using only a fraction of them, making these systems more of a hindrance than a help. 

This disparity between cost and actual utility raises the question: are businesses truly getting value for their investment?

A breath of fresh air: Making the switch

Companies, realizing the ongoing struggle with these bulky, inefficient systems, are now considering the switch to more specialized solutions like Ideagen Mail Manager. These modern alternatives offer a streamlined, user-friendly experience, focusing on what businesses actually need. For example, Mail Manager specializes in email management, offering precise solutions that meet the practical needs of businesses.

Moreover, switching to a more focused and efficient system like Mail Manager can lead to cost savings of up to 80%. A promise of enhanced user experience, with features designed for usability and efficiency rather than an overflow of rarely-used functionalities. Firms that have made the switch, such as Holland Basham, have experienced remarkable improvements, providing significant praise for ease of implementation and user satisfaction.

Time for a re-evaluation

All-in-one systems, with their unused excess, complexity, and cost inefficiencies, are proving to be less viable in the modern business landscape. It's time for a change, a move towards more specialized, user-friendly, and cost-effective solutions.

“Moving to Ideagen Mail Manager received the most praise for any software we’ve ever implemented in our firm. I’m not exaggerating, as we’ve implemented a lot of things and I’m the one that hears all the complaints when things go wrong. This was the easiest solution we’ve implemented and I’ve received a lot of praise from the users that typically have the most problems.”
Matt Neaderhiser, Director of Innovation at Holland Basham

Register for our webinar with DIALOG

Discover the intriguing story behind DIALOG’s transition from Newforma to Ideagen Mail Manager on October 25th. Register now and be part of a candid discussion exploring the key drivers, challenges, and insights that spearheaded this remarkable transition. Don’t miss out on gaining valuable insights and practical advice from industry experts! If you can’t attend live, register to receive a link to the recording.



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