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Three problems killing document management

18 April, 2023

"Where did you last see that contract?"


How often is that question uttered in your place of work? Businesses are receiving an increasing amount of documents and data, so having a well-organised document management system is crucial to keep your business running smoothly.


Unfortunately, all document management systems are different, so filing and searching for important information can still be laborious and time-consuming. 


These three issues may seem too familiar, but we can show you how to avoid them.

Losing important documents

Many documents are lost daily and never found, costing businesses dearly in time and resources when trying to relocate critical information.


This problem isn't exclusive to paper filing either. Many digital document management systems still incur challenges with employees not filing to the correct location, leaving information siloed off in their emails or personal computers or simply forgetting to file in the first place.

Inconsistent filing systems

Shockingly, many businesses don't have a consistent document management process used throughout the business. One person may use their own organised file structure, another may print and file, and worryingly some may do nothing. While these methods may make sense to the individual user, the problem is when someone needs to retrieve a document somewhere else. If the person who created the system is away or has left the business, no one will know where or how to look.

User errors are a significant challenge

Human error is one of the biggest costs to firms and a challenge to successful document management. Unfortunately, you can't remove all human errors, but you can drastically reduce the chances of them occurring. 


A document management software sounds like a great solution until you realise that the system is overly complex and user adoption is low. Now additional time and money must be spent on staff training, and even then, some staff will struggle to understand the system.

How can Mail Manager can help you locate that critical document in seconds?

With most documents coming through email, doesn't it make sense to file directly from your inbox?


With Mail Manager, you can do just that. The Outlook email management solution lets you file straight to your chosen filing location. With its intelligent AI, it learns your behaviours and prompts where to file. It is now simple and easy to, making it effortless for even the most forgetful staff member.


Furthermore, Mail Manager gives complete transparency to the team working on a particular project or case, meaning you are never again stuck searching for missing documents in a cryptic filing system.


Mail Manager's search tool has been a saving grace to many clients, allowing them to locate any document, no matter how old, within seconds!


See what Mail Manager can do for your business, book a personalised demo here.


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