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Han Silo: A business's new hope

13 October, 2022

A long time ago, in a business far, far away…

It is a dark time for the light side. Although many businesses have been destroyed through bad data management, Han Silo and the Jedi’s have begun driving Darth Data and his imperial forces from their hidden base and delivered transparency across many businesses.

Evading the dreaded dark one, a group of freedom fighters led by Han Silo have established a new email management system within businesses that are eradicating hidden email silos overnight.

The evil lord Darth Data obsessed with finding Han Silo has dispatched thousands of remote probes into the far reaches of businesses.

Han Silo is now in a race against time. Can he deliver enough businesses to the light side before the risks are too significant?...

Han Silo: A business's new hope

Han Silo, the nemesis of the inbox silo, is on a mission to ensure staff are adhering to effective email and data management through creating transparency and connected working throughout the business.

Silos are the dark places like employees’ inboxes where information goes off to live in isolation, unlikely to be seen or acknowledged again. What started with the intention to file and organise emails soon gets forgotten about, which makes crucial emails challenging to locate and manage. With inbox silos still scattered throughout many businesses, it is difficult to take an inventory of all email data held or even know it exists in the first place!

Effective email management relies on visibility, collaboration and organisation, whereas locked staff inboxes are opposites, segregating and dispersing information. With every email sent and received and not filed (left ‘chained’ to an individual’s inbox), the dark side’s pull gets stronger.

Prepare your battle plan: The Dark Side is only one step behind

Future business freedom fighters and Jedi can learn from the mistakes of those who have fallen to the dark side to ensure their organisations never face the same fate. The pull of the dark side of email management is strong and takes no prisoners. There’s no doubt that email is one of the most valuable assets to an organisation, but navigating its management can be a minefield.

Let Han Silo be your new hope, and watch him create transparency and connected working throughout your business.

Read our free ebook, 'Han Silo: A new hope for email management', and take your first step toward email victory today!


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