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GeoMind: Customer Success Story

Mail Manager 17 Jul, 2020

GeoMind is one of Sweden's leading consulting companies in geotechnology and foundations. With a team that combines high technical expertise and many years of experience, they are involved in all stages of construction projects and attach great importance to linking experiences from the reality of planning.

Having too many projects across different folders in Outlook and their server was time consuming and not efficiently organised. Josefine Holmström, Office Coordinator, told us sometimes they wouldn’t know where to find information, which generated issues for the team who would then spend a considerable amount of time trying to find what was needed. The issue prompted GeoMind to look for a solution.

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Each project has 5 to 10 people on it, and usually the project leader is the one that receives all emails, which means people were not copied on correspondence. For a company with so many different projects going on at the same time, the lack of visibility caused a unnecessary drain of time to try and get the information.

To meet their needs, an email management solution was needed to make sure information was properly organised, filed, and easy to find and use, to improve overall visibility across the company and, most importantly, save significant amounts of time. Mail Manager has been successfully implemented and has solved their email management headache, freeing up valuable time and improving business efficiencies. 

On the benefits of Mail Manager, Josefine said: “My favourite feature is the searching. When I invoice, I don’t always get involved in the project, so I don’t have much information. Even with just bits of information, I can find everything I need in seconds. Mail Manager has improved the way we work, with no hassle and chasing the team for information, it is just so much easier.”

She advised: "Mail Manager is a serious time saver and it is really easy to use. We can find all emails required without having to reach out to all our colleagues. Not only do we have all the information available to everyone, but we also avoid spending time and energy in getting hold of it."

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