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Streamlining email management: How AB Heritage expedited their work process

1 September, 2023

In the fast-paced world of environmental services, companies face multifaceted challenges ranging from regulatory compliance to project coordination. Amidst this complexity, one crucial aspect is often overlooked: efficient email management.


After implementing Ideagen Mail Manager into their email process, AB Heritage, a professional heritage consultancy firm, exemplified the significance of robust email management and why other companies in the industry should prioritize it.

AB Heritage is no stranger to the intricacies of environmental services. Specializing in archaeological assessments and heritage reports that meet clients’ planning requirements means that the team deal with an immense volume of emails containing project details, client communications and critical attachments. As the company expanded, the challenges of email organization and retrieval grew exponentially, leading to the realization that a comprehensive email management system was needed.

Let’s break down how AB Heritage’s use of Ideagen Mail Manager can be applied to other businesses in the environmental consultancy sector to emulate their success.

Centralized information retrieval

Environmental services companies rely heavily on accurate and timely information to make informed decisions. In the case of AB Heritage, their projects spanned diverse locations and disciplines.

Without a streamlined email management system, finding pertinent project-related emails became a time-consuming ordeal. Implementing a dedicated email management solution allowed them to centralize their communications, enabling swift retrieval of crucial information. This approach not only saved time, but also ensured that project teams had the right data at their fingertips.

Thanks to Ideagen Mail Manager, AB Heritage now have a strong archive system in place, which has particularly come in handy when it comes to their professional accreditation with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA). For their last two Registered Archaeological Organization panel reviews, AB Heritage was able to better demonstrate their robust digital resource and archival management of emails.

Regulatory compliance

Environmental projects are often subject to rigorous regulatory oversight. Maintaining a clear trail of communications and documentation is essential to demonstrate compliance. AB Heritage’s story illustrates the potential consequences of inadequate email management. Imagine the repercussions if critical communications regarding a heritage assessment were lost or inaccessible.

By embracing an email management system, environmental services companies can establish an audit trail, ensuring compliance and minimizing legal risks. Now, with all email correspondence in an ordered filing system, they have everything they need at their fingertips. Answers to issues can quickly be identified and recalled by any team member, saving them hours and ensuring all regulations are consistently adhered to.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing

Successful environmental projects hinge on effective collaboration among teams with diverse expertise. In the digital age, email remains a primary communication channel for project-related discussions. A robust email management system fosters seamless collaboration by categorizing emails, attaching them to specific projects and allowing authorized team members to access and contribute to discussions. This enhances knowledge sharing and empowers teams to collectively tackle challenges.

With Ideagen Mail Manager, AB Heritage are able to organize and allow attachments to be saved or removed, as well as file multiple emails at once and in multiple locations. This expedited how they worked by ensuring everyone had access to what they needed via a strong archival and retrieval system.

Client relationships

Clear and transparent communication is essential in the development of strong client relationships. Environmental services companies, like AB Heritage, interact with clients, stakeholders and partners on a daily basis, therefore a mishandled email thread or lost attachment can erode client trust and jeopardize projects. By prioritizing email management, companies can enhance client interactions, demonstrate professionalism, and foster stronger partnerships.

When asked to compare AB Heritage before and after implementing Ideagen Mail Manager, Managing Director Andy Buckley explained how it improved the speed at which they worked, as well as the ability to give accurate answers to clients.In addition to this, they can now easily identify comms that have happened when a member of the team is away from the office.

Efficiency and accuracy are paramount to any business’s success, especially in the environmental services sector where stringent planning requirements must be met. In this case with AB Heritage, it is clear to see that email management is not just a technical skill but a strategic necessity.

By embracing a dedicated email management solution, the entire email process can be streamlined; information retrieval and document collaboration can be enhanced, and client relationships can be strengthened.

As the industry continues to evolve, those who recognize the value of effective email management will be better equipped to navigate the challenges and seize opportunities in this sector.

If you’d like to learn more on how Mail Manager can help you address your information management concerns, book a demo with our team today or download a free trial!


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