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Four reasons why local governments should prioritise email management

2 March, 2023

How much time do you lose everyday buried in your email inbox?

With regulations around how information and data are handled increasing, it is critical for local governments to have complete visibility of their data and be as productive as possible. However, all too often, employees waste huge amounts of time searching for information that’s buried within an ocean of emails.

Worse still, this poor organisation may result in government bodies losing vital data they are legally bound to retain for a certain period of time. Email remains the number one form of communication across all industries. That means it’s only becoming more essential to help governments maintain strong relationships with customers, external stakeholders and suppliers. However, the medium is also the riskiest form of communication, as everyone has their own unique approach to managing sent and received messages.

As a result, this unstructured approach to email results in project managers and staff struggling to find the information they need. It also means employees are spending hours trying (and failing) to tame their overflowing inboxes. As email volumes spiral out of control, governments need to look to solutions that help them store data securely while making it easy for employees to find the information they need, when they need it.

How prioritising email management benefits local governments

Email and document management enables local government to bring structure to how and where employees store critical data. It helps them ensure employees file all emails to the most appropriate location, while also making that information easily available to everyone who requires access.

Key benefits of taking control of email and document management include:


    • Reduced risk: By taking control of email activity, local governments remove the risk of losing track of or misplacing critical correspondence. As a result, they can improve their auditing processes and comply with increasingly stringent data privacy regulations, which avoids customer complaints, bad publicity and the threat of legal action.

    • Time-saving: Improved email management processes result in employees no longer having to spend hours digging through their inboxes to find a single email. Now, staff can locate any email from any project within a matter of seconds.

    • Improved collaboration: Having all correspondence in one central location enables teams to collaborate more effectively. Everyone has visibility of important data, and there’s no risk of emails being locked away in individual inboxes.

    • Better deliverability: Making emails and documents more accessible empowers teams to make the right decisions. Vital data about deliverables, scope changes and project approvals are readily available to everyone on a project, which helps it to run on time and reduces the chance of costly disputes.

  • Cost-saving: Email automation means that that unnecessary admin costs are a thing of the past and budgets can be reallocated to more worthwhile projects.

Now is the time to prioritise email management

Mail Manager helps local governments to bring structure to their email management processes. It uses artificial intelligence to ensure employees automatically file sent and received emails to the most appropriate location and helps them find the information they need in seconds. That means employees no longer have to spend hours combing through their inboxes for a single email and removes the frustrations of trying to manage overflowing inboxes.

Discover how Mail Manager can help your organisation with a free trial.


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