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Customer success: How Mail Manager improved processes & operations at Ramboll

19 May, 2021

Ramboll is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company, who constantly strive to achieve inspiring and exacting solutions that make a genuine difference to their clients, end-users, and society. Ramboll works across a number of markets including Buildings, Transport, Planning & Urban Design, Water, Environment & Health, Energy and Management Consulting.

ramboll-group-as-logo-vectorKeeping up with lengthy retention policies

Ramboll has been using Mail Manager for nearly two decades, and as Joanne Devonald, Operational Excellence Manager at Ramboll, points out, the benefits were seen at an engineering level immediately, at annual audits, and even years later if they are ever questioned about a project.

In her words: "The benefits of Mail Manager can be seen by the team instantly. No one is ever missing an email because they filed it where they were told to from the very first day. Annually, this information is there for us to use in our audits, and if anyone asks if we have an audit trail for a specific change order, we can confidently say 'yes we do, and here it is'."

As many engineering consultancy companies would know, some retention policies can span upwards of 16 years, in some instances, going all the way up to 40. Joanne commented: "We need to have access to all of this information related to any specific project in 40 years. You can more or less guarantee that the person who wrote that email is not going to work here, but we will still have their emails. This can help us defend legal challenges, not only from our clients but also from our employees if there were to be any."

"There's never any doubt about who wrote what and when they wrote it, because it's all filed in Mail Manager. Nothing is ever lost when personnel change or leave Ramboll."

Maintaining company-wide processes

Ramboll uses the same approach to project management across their entire group. This model is based on internationally recognised standards and best practices, and comprises a stage-gate model, which allows their teams and clients to benefit from consistent project delivery. In this stage-gate model, emails arrive from the very first stage, and they incorporate Mail Manager through their entire project lifecycle.

Joanne adds: "There is absolutely no question about how you are filing your emails at Ramboll, Mail Manager is quite simply how we do it here."

Even while working remotely over the last 14-months due to the pandemic, Ramboll has seen no issues with their operations as a direct result of Mail Manager's powerful search feature. Joanne commented: "Nobody has lost a single email that I've sent in the last 14-months because we have a shared file where all of our department emails go into. I just press send and file, and everybody can see what I'm doing or where a project is at. No one asks chasing questions anymore because their files are where they are supposed to be."

Mail Manager acts as a bridge between people's inboxes and the destination folder, and mirrors the security settings of wherever an individual is filing into. If an individual has access to a folder on a server, or in a cloud-based system, they will be able to store into it and search through it. For more confidential folders, only those individuals with privileged access will be able to access it, so you can be confident that you will not be sharing confidential files with the wrong people. 

Going above and beyond

A few months ago, Ramboll introduced a new document management system into their project model, which sits on the ProjectWise platform. Initially, Mail Manager didn't integrate with ProjectWise, but now it does. At Mail Manager, we worked closely with Ramboll to set up requirements for the integration, and created a software release which has meant that all file locations for their emails now work within their ProjectWise platform.

When asked about this new integration, Joanne mentioned: "There was absolutely no discussion that we weren't taking Mail Manager with us into the document management system. The email filing systems supported by ProjectWise were far inferior to what Mail Manager offers us and we were not prepared to lose that. We have essentially future-proofed our email management, and not lost anything we had previously, and we know we won't lose anything going forward. Not only is it the way we do things here, but it's the way we intend to continue doing things here."

Mail Manager has worked closely with Ramboll since day one to ensure that their employees are bought into the solution, especially in the case of Ramboll acquiring new businesses. Joanne is no stranger to our dedicated customer support team, and commented: "Honestly, I can email anyone on the team from the CEO down and someone will be on the phone quickly. These people are amazing and you can't put a price on how much the system has improved our processes. Everyone understands the value of Mail Manager and we take it forward in everything we do."

Watch the Ramboll webinar in full to find out more:

And sign up for a free trial of Mail Manager below to discover the immediate impact it can have on your email management processes.


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