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Mail Manager was a "Saving Grace" for PMEP Consulting

9 December, 2021

Penston MEP Consulting (PMEP Consulting) is a mechanical and electrical engineering consultancy practice based in Dublin, Ireland. PMEP Consulting specialises in project management and building services, engineering design for mechanical and electrical projects in the commercial, retail, education, health, power and industrial sectors.

PMEP_LOGORemoving the struggles of locating information

Like many other businesses, email is the main form of correspondence and project feedback for PMEP Consulting. As a consulting firm, they are involved in projects from start to finish, so email correspondence is crucial from both a record and tracing point of view in their business. We recently spoke to Saverio Talotti, Associate Director at PMEP Consulting, who commented, "as a consulting firm, we're quite involved with many people in many projects. We work with different external teams, from architects to project managers. So, all these projects that we're involved in are getting feedback constantly."

Saverio continued, "Correspondence has been done through email, and it's one of the main functions of communication in the project world, including uploading information and documentation. We're involved all the way from start to finish on a project, so email correspondence is crucial."

Before implementing Mail Manager, PMEP Consulting manually saved emails to archive folders and heavily relied on their employees to file emails accordingly. This resulted in huge difficulties, primarily when trying to search for and filter emails relating to a specific aspect of a project. The firm also experienced a lack of consistency in their email archiving, and their manual saving had a significant impact on their IT hardware as it took up a great deal of storage space.

Saverio explained, "It was this manual saving of emails to archive folders which was very challenging, time-consuming and dependent on individuals within the company to make sure emails were being filed correctly. Especially when it came to trying to locate emails from staff that are sick who have been corresponding with outside sources and design teams. This was a big challenge."

When discussing the decision to implement Mail Manager, Saverio commented, "From what I was seeing, we were seeing a lot of our admin staff trying to locate emails which took hours, sometimes days. I put those costs against how much it was going to cost us per person to filter through emails with Mail Manager as the first step. The second step was legalities. If we were to get involved in a legal battle which, not that we would, but if it did, the time it was going to take to go and trace all of these emails. It was going to be even harder. With Mail Manager, you can find an email in minutes, which would take three hours for admin staff."

Transitioning to using Mail Manager

The implementation process at PMEP Consulting was quite a smooth experience. Saverio commented, "I pushed to get Mail Manager implemented in the office. It took about two or three months to get the directors over the line, but transitioning was really easy. It was done between myself from an engineering perspective and through admin staff. This was important in making sure that everyone's aware of what needed to be done in terms of our project folders and our structure."

Saverio and PMEP Consulting's admin team tested out Mail Manager amongst themselves prior to implementing Mail Manager, and once approved, the installation process was straightforward. Saverio explained, "Installation was quick! The Mail Manager representative took in total literally two hours, and the longest part was making sure from our side that everything was in line and there were no issues from a firewall or protective side of things."

Once Mail Manager was rolled out across the business, PMEP Consulting's staff were trained by the Mail Manager technical team. Their admin team was trained and up and running on the software within the hour.

Staff and Director benefits post-implementation

Since implementing Mail Manager, PMEP Consulting has seen several benefits. The firm finds it much easier to locate and filter emails, and they have immediate access to all correspondence. Emails are now saved into project folders hosted on the office server, and Saverio has set up specific rules to ensure all 16 staff are filing sent and received emails, ensuring consistency across the business on all of their live projects.

Saverio commented, "The rest was history in terms of how Mail Manager licenses were being implemented and getting the software updated. Videos were available at any time if we needed a reference point on how to do things or just learn further benefits we could acquire from the system. This made everything very, very easy."

"It's easier to locate and filter emails, and it's reduced hours in terms of time wasted from staff going back to look and hunt for emails. And, especially for people that have left the company to go and find correspondence that maybe wasn't saved correctly."

"I think the biggest thing, which is a big saving grace besides the emails, and the savings, and the correspondence, and the filtering that comes with Mail Manager, is that the uptake from the staff has been positive. It's been quick, they're all using it, and there have been no complaints. A lot of them have come back and said it's a better system that we have now and we're working better and more efficiently than we were before. So to summarise everything, it was a quick uptake, quick implementation, cost-effective and more time efficient in our day-to-day business."

When questioned on who benefits the most from having Mail Manager rolled out across their business, Saverio responded, "We're all benefitting from it, and I think that at the end of the day, the biggest person that's been benefiting from it now is the Director. He's got peace of mind from an employer's point of view, in terms of correspondence being saved and located in one place. He doesn't have to worry about money being wasted on admin staff and solicitors trying to trace emails, and the extra costs of getting them involved."

To hear more about Penston MEP Consulting's experience implementing Mail Manager, you can access our on-demand webinar here. Or to see Mail Manager in action, book a demo with our team today.


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