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J&H Equipment's Journey with Mail Manager

10 September, 2021

Rather than just being a manufacturer, J&H Equipment is an engineering company at its core. J&H Equipment began operating as an equipment manufacturer in 1975, and since then have expanded their offering to include the latest crushing, screening and distribution technologies. With nearly 90% of all machines made to order, today J&H Equipment are a leading designer and manufacturer of equipment for the chemical and mineral processing industries.

J&H EquipmentReducing internal email overload 

J&H Equipment began searching for an email management solution to help organise and process their project information across the company. As a tight-knit team, they are always looking for ways to save time, and increase efficiency. When discussing how they used their email prior to implementing Mail Manager, J&H Equipment's Engineering Manager, George Hicks, commented: "We primarily use email to keep track of each project and communicate with each customer. It was really important that we found a solution to organise and better process our email information for our wide variety of projects."

George continued: "Some of the difficulties we had with our email in the past was that it was hard to access and there were many cases where important personnel were not included in an email chain. So, important information was stuck in someone's inbox, or they had filed it into a folder on their hard drive, but we could not access this information when it was needed. We needed a solution that would open up that access to important information."

Another important factor in searching for an email management solution was the limited search functionality in Outlook. George added: "We could never find the information we were looking for. Even though we knew it was there somewhere, we simply couldn't find it. We were looking for a better indexing and search solution for our emails."

Prior to Mail Manager, J&H Equipment previously had to manually file their emails onto a file server, which required converting the email to a PDF, and then filing it into the correct project directory. George continued: "It was very time consuming and oftentimes didn't get done, so emails were not filed and stored as they should be."

George added: "We were receiving thousands of emails every year, and so many of our inboxes were overloaded with attachments... We tried to find some built-in plugins that would help with this but nothing helped us organise our inboxes until we found Mail Manager." 

Testing out Mail Manager

Before completely implementing Mail Manager, J&H Equipment decided to run a trial with their engineering team. George described the set-up as: "a very quick process, and within a matter of hours, Mail Manager was up and running. We had filing locations created, and we were able to begin filing emails on day one."

"I was very pleased with the process as implementing new software can be very challenging and frustrating, but Mail Manager was very easy to implement... After a quick tutorial and run through of the videos and resources online, our staff was able to begin using Mail Manager pretty much instantly."

Since adopting Mail Manager, George realised the value of Mail Managers machine learning technology, which involves automatically suggesting filing locations for your emails. He commented: "I'm a little bit OCD, and I like to have a clean inbox, battling towards inbox zero every day. Now I'm automatically filing emails into folders without having to search for that file location, so Mail Manager makes this easier for me."

Evaluating J&H Equipment's implementation experience 

Now that J&H Equipment have implemented Mail Manager, and integrated it into their working lives, the benefits have kept on coming. George commented: "We've had a great experience, not only in filing emails, but ultimately, the goal was to be able to find those emails. The Mail Manager search function is very robust, which vastly exceeded the capabilities of the Outlook search, and since those emails are indexed, we can apply tags to the emails to make it much easier to find."

J&H Equipment began filing older projects into Mail Manager, in addition to their current projects, and the team are now able to find emails through decades of projects, and the team use the product daily.

Prior to our webinar, George asked his colleagues what they think about Mail Manager, who said:

  •  " It's a very powerful, simple and quick search function that allows us to find an email without disrupting our workflow."
  •  "With Mail Manager it's a lot easier to focus on the projects and not in the filing process."


To hear more about J&H Equipment’s experience implementing Mail Manager, you can access our on-demand webinar here. Or to see Mail Manager in action, book a demo with our team today.


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